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Work experience

Jan 2013Present

President & CEO

Alicanto Mining Corp

President of the company. Generating new projects to develop and for other companies looking to enter in Colombia, Armenia, Congo and elsewhere. Discovered a new gold district in Colombia which started producing in Q4 2017.

Reference: Raziel Zisman, +1-416-271-0911

Nov 1999Present


Valls Geoconsultant and TechnoTectonic

Founder and Principal of the company. Integrated modelling of structural data with geological, geochemical, geophysical, and other data to identify oil and gas, kimberlites, gold, PGM, and other targets using satellite and other imagery. Located several new target zones in U.S.A., Ontario, Quebec, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Mexico. Reference: Somerset Parker, (647) 406-5358.

Aug 20132015

Independent QP

Geghi Gold LLC

Independent QP. Introduced QA&QC procedures and organized the work of the whole department. Advance interpretation techniques allowed a better location of drill holes with significant savings in time and money.

Reference: Azat Vartanian, +1-514-800-5103, +374-98-299971

Aug 2010Jan 2013

VP Exploration

Calvista Gold Corporation

VP Exploration of the company. Integrated modelling of structural data with geological, geochemical, geophysical, and other data to identify new targets using also satellite and other imagery. Responsible for introducing working protocols in line with accepted best practices of exploration. Introduced QA&QC procedures. Managed the company at the Country level. Was responsible for selling the company to AUX Colombia

Reference: Dr. Jorge Cruz Martín, +57-321-313-1326, +57-691-4541

Jan 2011Jul 2011

Independent QP

Gran Colombia Gold Corp

Independent QP for the company and responsible for introducing working protocols in line with accepted best practices of exploration.

Reference: José Oro, j[email protected]

Jan 2010Feb 2011

Chief Geologist

High River Gold Mines Ltd.

Chief Geologist of the Company, task included leading and building exploration teams, application of QA&QC procedures, mineral resource estimates, technical report writing including NI 43-101, managing and training a staff of more than 60 geologists and technical personnel.

References: Donedieu Dakissaga (Daki), (+226) 5035-8185.

Nov 2009Jan 2010

Project manager and independent QP

Caldera Resources Inc.

Underground and surficial sampling programs at Lishvack deposit. Presenting the properties to financial institutions. Writing NI 43-101 report on visited properties. Independent QP and project manager for the Marjan project. Soil sampling, satellite image interpretation, mapping, drilling, and budgeting for the project.

References: Bill Mavridis, (514) 813-9200

Aug 2009Dec 2009

Sr. Consultant

Clairmont Metals Corporation

Processing of geochemical data. Preparation of presentations for financial institutions. Organization of the Intranet of the company. Writing NI 43-101 reports for the company.

Reference: Jean Claude Lusinde, (416) 236 9297

Jun 2008Jan 2009

QP and Sr. Consultant

Conexatel, S.A.

Independent QP to write NI 43-101 reports on the properties of the company. Training local staff. Reference: Boris Cordovez ([email protected], (+571) 648.3095)

Jun 2008Dec 2008

QP and Sr. Consultant

Carla Resources, S.A.

Independent QP to write NI 43-101 reports on the properties of the company. Training local staff.Reference: Jorge Jaramillo, (+57)-310-503-8586.

Sep 2007Jul 2008

QP and Sr. Consultant

Rusoro Mining Ltd.,

Consultant for the Company especially on matters of QA&QC procedures. Implemented new programs, trained personnel, organized the field structure and communications between Russian expatriates and local Venezuelan staff. Participated in the transition of information from Goldfields when Rusoro bought all their properties in Venezuela. Reference: George Salamis, 604-614-0168.

Aug 2004Sep 2007


President of the Company. Directly responsible for the discovery of nearly 5,000 km2 of potential Ni-laterite targets and identified several new lateritic pockets within the ophiolitic belts in Central Guatemala. Successfully financed this company and signed a deal with CVRD for the development of the targets. Wrote several books and reports on the Guatemalan laterites. Reference: Julio Roberto Pérez, +502-5724-5910.

Aug 2006Jan 2007

QP and Sr. Consultant

CVRD Colombia, S.A.

Contracted by the company to control all the work being conducted in Guatemala on behalf of Nichromet Guatemala, S.A. Reference: Marcelo Albuquerque, +57-316-523-1902.

Sep 2004Jul 2006


President of the Company. Brought to the Company two ultra-rich deposits one of nickel and gold in Mexico and one of copper in Guatemala. Presented these properties to potential major JV partners. Wrote several reports on these targets including NI 43-101 compliant reports. Reference: Stuart Lee, 1-514-866-6001.

Feb 2004Sep 2004

VP Exploration

Vice President of Exploration for the Mexican mining division of the Company. Acquisition of new properties. Organizing and conducting exploration work for gold, silver, and other deposits. Mineral resource estimations and NI 43-101 qualifying reports. References: Mark Brennan, 416-861-5886.

Feb 2002Feb 2004

Chief Geologist and QP.

Jaguar Nickel Inc.

Discovered over 400 square kilometres of potential laterites in Guatemala. Completed mineral resource estimations and NI 43-101 qualifying reports for Ni-Co laterite properties in Guatemala. Pit sampling, logging, HMC and other geochemical sampling. Defined budgets for future exploration programs. Acting as Chief Geologist for the Company. References: John Magee, 613-531-1191.

Jun 2003Aug 2003

QP and Sr. Consultant

Unigold Dominicana, S.A.

Worked as main geologist on the Neita property, near the border with Haiti. Completed mapping, and sampling of different gold targets. Conducted a major lineament analysis for the company. Introduced biogeochemical and geobotanical studies in the area, having found a species of ferns that delimited areas of gold potential. References: Daniel Danis, 514-238-8833.

Nov 1998Nov 1999

Sr. Geologist

ABEX Geological Services

Geological mapping on the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, logging, trench and pit mapping, surveying of outcrops, biogeochemical and soil sampling, writing technical reports, creating database for compiled materials. Reference: Uldis (Abe) Abolins, 416-709-5123.

Sep 1998Nov 1998

Sr. Geologist

Intrepid Minerals Corporation

Designed database for the compilation of data from reverse circulation and diamond drilling programs. Geomathematical studies of different areas. Qualifying reports. Identified potential new targets in several properties on the basis of the studied material. Reference: Dr. Laurence Curtis, 416-368-4525.

Jul 1998Sep 1998

Exploration geologist

Geomaque Exploration Ltd.

Evaluation of properties in El Salvador, writing qualifying reports. Reverse circulation drilling program on two properties in Honduras. Compilation of data and reserve calculations for the Marathon PGE deposit in Northern Ontario. Geomathematical modelling of the ore body. Reference: Phillip C. Walford, 416-931-7216.

Jun 1998Jul 1998


Introducing the company to different properties in Cuba, research and compilation of data. Reference: Joe Breen, 011-353-1-667-7611.

Apr 1998Jun 1998

Exploration geologist

Geological reconnaissance; soil, rock, and water sampling; local mapping; heavy mineral concentrate studies; evaluation of properties. Located four prospective zones for Pt-Pd-Au in the Province of San Juan.

Mar 1998Apr 1998

Exploration geologist

Far East Gold Ltd.

Open pit and underground mapping, studies to locate underground and surficial drilling targets; local geological mapping, compilation and translation of data, writing technical reports. Reference: Norman Brewster, 416-815-8666.

Sep 1996Mar 1998

Exploration geologist

Regional reconnaissance and local mapping. Regional to local geochemical studies, including soil and rock sampling, heavy mineral concentrate sampling. Diamond drilling planning, logging, and sampling. Database design for geological, geochemical and drilling programs, training technical personnel, writing technical reports. Located seven prospective targets for Au and Cu-Au mineralization. Reference: Denis Villeneuve, 450-491-7489.



Holmer Gold Mines Limited

Review of different projects in Cuba. Executive assistant to the President. Reference: Dr. K. Sethu Raman, 905-668-8558.

Jun 1996Sep 1996

Exploration geologist


Planning and directing geochemical surveys and local geological mapping. Planning, logging and sampling reverse circulation and diamond drilling programs. Geomathematical evaluation of the data, database creation and writing technical reports. Acting chief geologist and manager. Reference: Lan Vu, 514-383-6205.

Feb 1996Jun 1996

Exploration geologist

Detailed soil sampling for gold. Logging of more than 12,000 metres of reverse circulation drilling over laterite terrains. Mapping of trenches. Geomathematical modelling of the collected data, writing technical reports. Elaborated a model for the ore distribution in the Anwia anomaly zone (currently a mine on exploitation). Assistant manager to the project. Reference: James G. Burns, 506-532-7620.


Exploration geologist

Various different companies

Gold and base metal exploration in serpentinitic, volcanic, igneous, and metamorphic rocks; regional geological and geochemical surveys. Evaluation of asphaltic rocks, talc, semi-precious stones, mineralized waters and lithological studies related to the oil & gas industry. Designed geomathematical models that facilitated the discovery of six new prospective zones for gold in serpentinitic and volcanic rocks.




Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

Not completed yet.


B.Sc., M. Sc.



A senior level position with an exploration company.

Special Services


I enjoy challenges and opportunities to produce new ideas. Qualified as a Professional Geologist to write technical reports. Team worker with leadership experience and people skills. Special training in Geostatistics and Compositional Data Analysis.

Professional Organizations

Membership in the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (A.P.G.O. - 0160), the Geological Association of Canada (G.A.C), the Mineralogical Association of Canada (M.A.C.),  the International Association of Applied Geochemistry (I.A.A.G.), the Association of Exploration Geochemistry (A.E.G.), the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (P.D.A.C.), the Society of Economist Geologists (S.E.G), the Asociación de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas y Geólogos de México (A.I.M.M.G.M., A.C.), and several other North and Central American professional associations.


As a professional geologist with more than twenty-eight years in the mining industry, I have extensive geological, geochemical, and mining experience, managerial skills, and a solid background in research techniques, and training of technical personnel. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. I have been involved in various projects world-wide (Canada, Africa, Russia, Indonesia, the Caribbean and Central and South America). Projects included fromregional reconnaissance to local mapping, diamond drilling and RC-drilling programs, open pit and underground mapping and sampling, geochemical sampling and interpretation, and several exploration techniques pertaining to the search for diamonds, PGM, gold, nickel, silver, base metals, industrial minerals, oil & gas, and other magmatic, hydrothermal, porphyritic, VMS and SEDEX ore deposits. Special strengths are related toacquisition of new properties, geochemical and geological studies, management and organization, geomathematical analysis and modelling, compositional data analysis, structural studies, database design, QA&QC studies, exploration studies and writing technical reports. P.Geo. registered in the province of Ontario.


P. Geo


P. Geo.