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Career Objective

To provide value to the organization using my passion and skills for digital marketing and to become an industry recognized expert in all aspects of digital marketing.


SEO – How I increased traffic from 20 visits to 4000 visits a month

• I was able to increase my traffic from 50-150+ visitors per month and about 10 pages were found on the top 10 search results. My website traffic per month is about 4000 visits. When I started it was about 20 visits per month.
• Google search crawlers also found my page due to on page SEO, which included keywords in the headings and in the subheadings of the pages. All the pages had a concise description of what the page was about.

• Content I wrote were more than 600 words and was a mix of text and images.

• I would comment on relevant forums in my niche and establish a rapport with them. One of my article was suggested in a popular site called

• Disqus was also a medium I used, to build relationship with audience. I would complement fellow bloggers and would interact to them through the disqus forums. I got about 5% of traffic from disqus.

SMM - Creating Awareness Using Social Media

• After completing 30 pages, I created an Facebook page on my site. I also used facebook ads to bring traffic to the site and to the page. As of now, Facebook accounts to 21% of traffic to my site.

• I also posted my contents on other related blogs. I used them to drive traffic to my posts. I was able to drive about 700+ visitors a day, when I regularly posted the contents.

• Used instagram to let people know my blog, and garnered more likes using popular hashtags. Though, instagram didn't bring a lot of traffic, it had active followers who commented whenever posts were put. I had about 300+ followers and about 65+ posts in instagram.

• Pinterest was the medium that actually had a very low bounce-rate. People pinned my posts, and I had a small but repeated audience from Pinterest.

Web Analytics - Using Google Analytics to Create Specific Content

• I have been using Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and segmenting the audience.

• I was able to analyse that 55% of traffic I received were from India about 70% were woman aged 25-34 and who were new to cooking. Using this information, I had written 2-3 on cooking simple dal recipes and paneer recipes, which still drives traffic to my site. Those are the pages through which people enter the site.

• Using the bounce rate information in Analytics, I was able to understand how a specific page that brought traffic was bounced soon after it was opened. I was able to reduce the bounce rate from 90-78% by placing onsite links and related content on the page.

Adplacements - Garnering revenue through adsense ads 

• I have started earning a small revenue from my site, since its inception. I currently use adsense ads and it consistently brings me close to 3$ per month.
• Initially, the ads I had wasnt getting much hits oving to placements. I used to get about 10-12 clicks per month. I improved the placements and also experimented with ad sizes. Now, I get about 25-30 clicks per month.

• I also placed ads with texts and was able to show more relevant ads. My average CPC has increased overtime from .05- .1$. Overall earnings increased from .5$ a month to 2.96$ a month.


Dec 2015Jan 2016

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification


Education BackGround

Degree: BTech in Computer Science

Year: 2006-2010

College: ASIET Kalady Cochin Kerala 

Subjects: C, C++, Database, HTML and CSS, Java

Percentage: 67.4%

Higher Secondary : Class XII 


Subjects: Maths, Biology

Percentage: 75% 

Secondary: Class X 

Year: 2003-2004

Percentage: 87.8%


Job profile: Software Engineer

Employer: Hexaware Technologies

DOJ: July 2012- present

Skills: Programming, SQL, Report Creation