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  • A versatile software engineer with over 9.5 years of  experience in embedded automotive software development.
  • Results driven technical team leader with a passion towards product development.
  • Experience in requirement elicitation,  planning, estimation for different product lines with system & multiple sub-system teams.
  • Strong experience in developing & maintaining software for multiple product lines.
  • Deep know-how on machine control software development & release process.
  • Motivated by any challenge with a proven track record of providing solutions.
  • Varied experience in different Automotive Control Units (Displays to Machine Controllers).


May 2001May 2005

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa MahaVidyalaya

80.4%, First class with distinction

Work Summary

  • Engineer in Caterpillar Inc. from Feb 2013 till date
  • Senior Associate Engineer in Caterpillar Inc. from Feb 2010 - Feb 2013
  • Lead Engineer in HCL Technologies Ltd., from Jan 2010 – Feb 2010 
  • Senior Member Technical Staff in HCL Technologies Ltd., from May 2007 – Jan 2010
  • Member Technical Staff in HCL Technologies Ltd., from Nov 2005 – May 2007


  • Received appreciation from customer for successfully integrating the 'Data logger' model into Backhoe Loader machine controller. This feature helps stores the machine fault data along with the snapshot of selected data  in NVM. This data can be later retrieved by the field personnel using the service tool for analysis.
  • Received special appreciation in the CAT India Machines Division forum for successfully taking Backhoe Loader machine software to production with good quality & velocity.
  • Consistently received recognitions from the customer for the quality of deliverables, commitment & inter-personal skills.
  • Received appreciation in the CAT India Machines Division forum for successfully demonstrating Continuous Integration (CI) proof of concept in a very short period of time (1 week). This PoC included automated build, automated flash & automated triggering of regression tests.
  • Received several 'Thank you' awards in other CAT Electronics forums & peers.


  • Embedded C Programming
  • RTOS concepts, Interrupts, timers, watchdog
  • Programming: C, OO Concepts, 
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, Python, Bash, CAPL, Slick-C, Trace32 cmm
  • Debuggers: Trace32, Green Hills, Softune
  • Platforms: MPC555x (A5:Mx, A5:M12, A4:M1, B5:M5), NEC V850, Fujitsu FJ32 platforms
  • UART, I2C, Mod-bus, TCP/IP
  • Version Control: Clearcase, PVCS
  • Vector Tools: CANalyzer, CANape, CANoe,
  • OS: Development knowledge on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Compilers: Windriver Diab, gcc, FJ32, GHS
  • Build servers: Hudson (CI)
  • Editor/IDEs: Emacs, Slickedit, Eclipse, Sublime Text3, Notepad++
  • Wireshark, Modscan, Modsim, Ananas
  • CAT Electronic Technician (CAT ET), Cadetwin
  • Knowledge on Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow based development
  • CAN / J1939, Diagnostics, CAT Proprietary protocols
  • KWP 2000, GMLAN, UDS
  • Knowledge on System level strategies like diagnostics, supply voltage standards
  • Knowledge on Machine applications
  • Knowledge on Matlab / Simulink / RTW
Project Planning                & Software Development
  • Quality & Velocity tracking
  • Project status monitoring & reporting
  • Supplier work force management
  • Mentoring team junior members
  • Experience in maintaining libraries (maintained chassis library)
  • Software Architecture reviews
  • Requirements Analysis & Elicitation
  •  Module wise design
  • Technical discussions with Systems team
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt
  • Agile Mindset & Practices Training from International Agile Consortium

Work experience

Feb 2013Present

Machine Software Architect - Backhoe Loader (BHL)

Caterpillar Inc

 BHL Machine has Engine, Machine, Display ECMs. I am responsible for delivery of Machine ECM flash file for Tier 4i & Tier 4F BHL Machines.

Key Responsibilities & Achievements

  • Performed requirement analysis, estimation & planning for required content.
  • Held technical discussions with systems / sub-system teams for obtaining clarifications.
  • Perform architect reviews, ensure & promote high reuse of software
  • Reviewed and improved software architecture to be more streamlined and helped avoid critical bugs.
  • Identified risks in “legacy” modules & pro-actively redesigned them preventing future problems.
  • Redesigned & owned FNR Arbitration strategy, Electronic Remote Throttle for T4F machines, Engine Operation status evaluation.
  • Coordinated with sub-system teams & performed Integration testing for the libraries.
  • Conducted a BHL product training session for the machine software team.
  • Demonstrated a PoC for Continuous Integration using Hudson (CI server).
  • Developed several tools / scripts that saved developer's time (Table extractor, NVM layout check, a2l generator).
  • Delivered high quality software consistently for 2 NPI programs without field defects.
  • Achieved an on-time delivery of > 95% consistently.
Feb 2015Mar 2015

Machine Software Architect - End-of-Line (EOL) Cab Tester for Motor Graders

Caterpillar Inc.

EOL Cab tester is an application that helps the factory to verify the correctness of the connected machine harness. This application works based on the proprietary EOL protocol over J1939. Each IO connected to the machine controller is pinged by the EOL Tester (stand alone setup) by setting the IO to one of its several possible states (On/Off for outputs, various input states for inputs. Crucial component of this project is to port the existing EOL application to a new platform (B5:M5). This software will be used in EOL testing for Motor Grader (MG) machines. 

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Performed requirement analysis & laid out the base software architecture.
  • Leveraged & reused content from existing EOL applications, there by reducing the development time & effort.
  • Provided guidance to the developer on porting the software to B5:M5
  • Reviewed the activities & provided timely feedback.
Nov 2014Feb 2015

Machine Software Developer - Jumbo Drills Motor Control Center

Caterpillar Inc.

Motor control center is a control component in the Jumbo Drills machine. This component is responsible for remotely controlling of various electrical components like Pump Sump, Air compressor etc. The control system works on Modbus. The control system consists of a CAT ECM (Modbus client), Eaton Gateway (Modbus server) & Eaton control devices (control the electrical components in the system). CAT ECM commands the Gateway to control the electrical components.
The scope of this project is to deliver a Modbus TCP library package that enables the application (CAT ECM) to communicate with the gateway.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for design, development, validation of the MBUS TCP library package customized to work with Motor control center gateways.
  • Performed a deep dive discussion with the customer to derive the critical software requirements.
  • Understood the existing application's software architecture & proposed a library design that will meet the existing standards.
  • Designed & Implemented a library that will enable the application to configure the gateway with minimal code changes (like adding a few macros & commands for the gateway)
  • Reverse engineered Eaton's gateway behavior in some scenarios from Raspberry Pi logs provided by the customer.
  • Thorough understanding of requirements & solid design enabled the delivery of the library with minimal test–fix iterations.
Mar 2010Feb 2013

Machine Software Developer - Off-Highway Trucks (OHT)

Caterpillar Inc.

Off-Highway trucks are primarily classified into 3 types:

Quarry & Contruction (QCT aka small trucks), Large Mining Trucks (LMT) & Autonomous Mining Trucks (AMT) depending on the applications where they are used. 

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Development of machine software i.e, Brake, Chassis, Transmission (app) & Steering (app) software for all the truck programs.
  • Redesigned several modules & made them as libraries for use across product lines.
  • Redesigned Auto lube feature for QCTs.
  • Developed Subsystem health reporting for AMTs for all ECMs
  • Developed Hoist monitoring module for LMT chassis ECM.
  • Maintained the engine cooling fan speed control.
  • Maintained lib_chassis library. This library is common to all OHT programs.
Jun 2008Feb 2010

Developer - Volvo TEA2P Instrument Cluster

HCL Technologies Ltd.

Volvo TEA2P is a next gen truck electronic architecture for Volvo & Renault commercial trucks. The project involved development of embedded software for its Basic Secondary Information Display (BSID). The SID was offered in BSID (Basic) & HSID (High) variants. BSID is a slave to the main Instrument Cluster (IC). Initially worked on porting the display driver to the new BSID display & later
took over responsibility for the entire BSID software.

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Traveled to Continental AG, Villingen for 3 months for requirements analysis & design of Pixel LCD driver package.
  • Ported Pixel LCD Driver to work with the new LCD display
  • Responsible for complete software for BSID.
  • Responsible for BSID flashing module in the IC Display.
  • Reverse engineered & adapted the BSID boot loader so that BSID software could be flashed from the main IC at every key on.
  • Implemented BSID diagnostics as per the Volvo UDS Diagnostic specification.
  • Implemented IO Controls, Self test and IO Read were implemented.
Jan 2008Jun 2008

Developer - Iveco & Irisbus Instrument Cluster

HCL Technologies Ltd.

ICM06 is an IC platform from Continental that was used in Iveco & Irisbus vehicles. The scope of the project is to support production updates & development of new features for Euro 4 Irisbus vehicles. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Development & Maintenance of EEPROM download module and Error storage module.
  • Performed Symbol Language related changes for Euro4 cluster.
  • Performed system testing for all IC features.
Aug 2007Dec 2007

Validation Engineer - GMSAS (GM Steering Angle Sensor)

HCL Technologies Ltd.

GM-SAS is a steering angle sensor developed by Methode Electronics Inc. for General Motors. It is a stand alone sensor that reads the steering angle & sends out the messages on GM LAN ( a proprietary CAN based protocol for GM). 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Development of Validation Test Protocol for GM Steering Angle Sensor (GM SAS)
  • Validation of the sensor 
  • Validation of GM-SAS's compliance for GM LAN Communications and Diagnostics protocol.
Nov 2005Jul 2007

RvAid-C (Rear View Aid on Cell Broadband Engine Architecture)

HCL Technologies Ltd.

RvAid (Rear View Aid) is an Intellectual property developed by HCL. It is a driver assistance system that helps a driver “look-behind” the vehicle. It runs on the TMS DM642 evaluation board. RvAid-C is a an effort to port this application to the IBM's Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA).

Key Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Studied the CBEA architecture.
  • Set up the simulator, development environment for the CBEA.
  • Researched & learnt various image processing & filtering techniques.
  • Ported Edge-detection filters and stitching algorithms to CBEA.
  • Implemented single buffered & double buffered techniques to improve execution time.
  • Published a paper titled “Applications using the Cell Broadband Engine – Porting Experience” on RvAid on the Cell Broadband Engine in the International Conference on High Performance Algorithms and Computing (HiPAAC) in July 2007.