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Jun 2008

Intermediate(CBSE Board)

Saraswati shishu mandir senior secondary school

Pass with 78.4%

Mar 2006

High school (CBSE)

Saraswati shishu mandir senior secondary school

Pass with 85.6%.


Software testing
  Software testing: Manual & Automation (QTP) training is completed from                                                Croma campus Noida.       Manual Testing -      Proficient in Functional Testing (Smoke, Integration, System Testing)/Regression Testing. -      Involved in writing, review and execution of test cases. -      Test Execution as per the Test Execution Check list. -      Defect Tracking using Bugzilla Tool  -      Understanding of Priority and Severity of a Defect. -      Good understanding of Test Plan. -      Preparation of Test Results as per the Test Execution Status.   Automation Testing       -      Automation Testing Tool:  QTP       -      Design and Development of QTP Scripts.       -      Parameterization (Data Table/Environment).       -      Designing of basic Functions.       -      Object Identification Mechanism.   ·            Programming Languages: C language. ·        Operating Systems:  Windows7 & XP.  


Kunwar Himanshu Singh

Tapesh Gautam


Electronics skills:

    -    Multisim,Topview simulator, Proteus, Pcb wizard.    -     Assembly Language for MicroController 8051. 


To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me job satisfaction and self-development and help me achieve organizational goals.

Testing Project



Description:The objective of project is to provide a series of services to the customer through the internet, and make the customer feel flexible in calling out simple tasks faster instead of making visit to the bank every time. The customer is privileged to use most of the system only as a viewing phase, the only online transactions the customer can do are chequebook requisition and fund transfer among his personal accounts. The application takes care the data security of different modules to make accurate and efficient calculations to provide proper information and also maintain huge records to generate quick reports.

Roles & Responsibility

·Writing and Executing Test Cases.

·Analyzing the Test Results.

·Bug reporting on Bugzilla.

·Developing QTP Script.

·Execution of QTP scripts.

Workshop & projects:

-    “Robotics using AVR Microcontroller” Workshop attended in Cetpa        Project – light searching robot.-    Attended workshops on “Autonomous Robotics using AVR Microcontroller“      by RoboSapiens India.        (Work shop duration -2 days)           Project -

                    1.“ Line follower robot”                    2. “Edge avoider robot”-    Technical seminar presented at college on “6th sense device”.-     Major project - “Frequency synthesizer”

      Description: This project is related to frequency transformation in the form multiplication and

division of integer multiple of 1 to 4.

Team member: 4

Role: Programming using assembly language on micro controller 89S52.

Industrial Training :

1.    Training in Embedded Systems from CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD NOIDA.

·        Duration: 4 weeks (1ST FEB 2012 to 28TH FEB 2012)

·        Project:  - “Traffic light controller based on 8051”           

      2.    3rd year summer training in DOORDARSHAN  KENDRA, VARANASI.

·        Duration: 4 weeks (5th June’2012 to 2th July ‘2012) 

·        Department: COMMUNICATION

·        ProjectStudy of downlink satellite and uplink for local area.

Core competence:

  -   Balanced and self- assertive personality with good leadership qualities.  -   Strong ability to work in team derived from diverse sources and flair for interacting      constructively wwith people  -    Excellent oral and written skills.

Personal Profile:

·  Date of Birth              : 26 June 1991

·  Nationality                : Indian

·  Languages known      : English, Hindi

·  Hobbies                    :  listen music,cooking  

Co-curricular Activities

  -    School Student Senate for the academic year 2005-06.  -   Class Representative for the academic year 2006-2007, 2007-2008.  -    Event organizer of science exhibition.  -   Won many prizes in Art, Quizzes at school level.  -    Get scholarship from up government.


1. Software tester

      - Manual

      - Automation (QTP)


I hereby declare that all the above stated facts are true to my knowledge.


Place:                                                                                    (VAIBHAV SINGH VATSA)