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Work History

11/03/2016Till Date

Campus Ambassador


ProjectEd provides budding innovators with the platform, technical backup, management and business expertise and training so that their ideas can take form. As part of the ProjectEd team, I currently hold the position of the Campus Ambassador for Manipal Institute of Technology.

I am responsible for the research projects that are currently under ProjectEd being pursued by Manipal University Students. Along with the technical aspect, I head a team that takes care of all the marketing needs of the company within the university.

12/01/2016Till Date

Python Language Teacher


I am currently teaching Python, a high level programming language to students enrolled under the company. As a teacher, I am responsible for creating weekly modules, posting quizzes and exercises and evaluating the same.

2015Till Date

Local Committee Member

IAESTE India LC Manipal

I have been a part of the Local Committee of IAESTE in Manipal for the duration of over one year. IAESTE is the International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. It is an international organization operating in 88 countries all across the globe facilitating and providing students with internships abroad. In Manipal, IAESTE is completely student run and the Local Committee is responsible for all domains of work.

During my LC tenure, I learnt to work in the Exchange, Incoming, Finance, Administration, Business Development and Public Relations departments. Overall, I am equipped to run an International organization and various aspect of the work involved with the same alongside a team.


Graphics Designer

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow is a club operating inside Manipal Institute of Technology and hosts events such as MUNs and Youth Parliaments. I have designed an array of posters and their website in the capacity of a graphics designer.


Volunteer Organiser

SCIO Benevolent Foundation

SCIO Benevolent Foundation is an NGO operating in Manipal to benefit students and conduct medical camps. I have worked with SCIO in the capacity of a team member.


Head of Management and Operations

UnTied Laces

 A Production House, in and around Manipal, which deals with thought provoking & entertaining videos and event that promote local talent such as Standup Comedy, Slam Poerty, Acoustic performances and give them a stage to perform.

As part of UnTied Laces, I have been the Head Of Management for the last 6 months. As head, all portfolios of marketing, logistics, sales and publicity fall under me.



Bachelor of Technology

Manipal Institute of Technology

Currently pursuing a B.Tech Degree at Manipal Institute of Technology with 7.5 CGPA


10+2 CBSE School

Delhi Public School- Vasant Kunj

Skills- Technical



Adobe Photoshop and Illustator

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are used for Graphic Designing. I have worked on various forms of designs including photo editing, poster designing, logo designing etc.

Python with specialization in Data Science

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language which is currently being used heavily in the industry. I specialize in using Python and it's libraries to analyse large data sets and handle big data. 

Visit  to see my certificate issued by Microsoft.

Courses Completed

1. Object Oriented Programming Using Java + Lab

2. Data Structures using C++ + Lab

3. Digital System Design + Digital System Design Lab

4. Digital Communication

5. TCP/IP Protocol

6. Advanced Programming Techniques

7. Embedded System Design + Lab

8. Operating System + Lab

9. HTML 5 WebDev course by W3C.

10. DataScience using Python course by Microsoft

Additional Achievements

▪  Secured rank 4180 in the International Informatics Olympiad’09.

▪  Won 2nd prize in the Test of Reasoning in Verbal Ability conducted by Delhi Public School Hyderabad’09.

▪  Won the award of the Best All Rounder for the Academic Year 2008-2009 in Delhi Public School Hyderabad.

▪  Secured rank 5275 in the International Olympiad of Mathematics’09.

▪  Secured A+ Grade in the Junior Wing of the National Graphics Competition’08.

▪  Received the certificate of excellence in sports for securing 2nd position in the Inter House Basketball Tournament’10.

▪  Secured 1st position in the Computer Contest’10

▪  Held the post of the Kaveri House Captain in Delhi Public School Hyderabadd’10.

▪  Secured 98.1, 92.2 , 91.9 percentile in Language Conventions, Qualitative Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning respectively in the Problem Solving Assessment Class- XI conducted by the Central Board for Secondary Education,14.

▪  Received the Certificate of Merit in the Air Force Bal Bharti School National Quiz’12

▪  Held the Position of the House Secretary in Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj’14

▪  Won the award Special Mention at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Model United Nation’16, Goa.

Won the award Verbal Mention at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Model United Nation’16, Goa

▪  Won the award Verbal Mention at Summit Manipal’16.

Cleared and secured All India Rank 232 in the National Defence Academy, 135- NDA batch for the Indian Armed forces. Considered one of the hardest selection procedures in the country, the process includes a national level examination of about 10,00,000 students at a time followed by a week-long interview at a Defence Selection Board Base being concluded by a medical examination.


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