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Work History


Senior Design Architect

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture 

Aspects of design, and project management, including critical path scheduling, overseeing construction document preparation, handling contracts and negotiations, and liaising with the client.


Project Desginer

Solaire Generation Inc.

A wide variety of design work including drafting and 3D modeling in Revit, production of complete sets of construction documents, project management, site visits at ongoing project locations, product development, and research & development.



Interior Designer 

Colorado State University 

8 years of hard work 


I am  excellent  in representing the architectural models and drawings at each level of abstraction. So another key skill and function of the architect is to create visual renditions of the different abstractions and viewpoints.


I can get to the core of the problem and soliciting requirements is the first step in addressing any given set of requirements. Of course, the requirements are often vague and presented in the limited focus of a specific application domain. So the inquiry must solicit specific requirements and goals, as well as an understanding of how those requirements fit into the broader enterprise context.


During my free time I show kids the basics about how skyscrapers are built , help around in the ArichitectStudio3D Deign Stuido where kids build houses on-line. Anything that will improve my skills and open my mind to new creations.