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Work experience

May 2015Sep 2016

Lead System Architect

Bits & Pretzels Startup Conference

Developed a web-based matchmaking platform for startups and investors who attended the largest German founders conference - Bits & Pretzels in Munich. Furthermore, I built a startup application system that was used by 500Startups and the Felix Haas Investment Group to select potential candidates for an accelerator program in the Silicon Valley.

  • Used Python to develop the web-based back-end system.
Jan 2016May 2016

Student Consultant

UnternehmerTUM Center for Innovation and Business Creation

Developed, together with my team, a strategy to introduce a new online marketplace for a large German car component supplier. 

Apr 2014Apr 2015

Lead System Architect

Entrepreneurship Research Institute

Built the back-end and the front-end of a web-based investment database for the chair of entrepreneurship from the ground up. The database contains over 400,000 investments from various online sources. Furthermore, I developed a concept for an algorithm to map and disambiguate investor names from different online sources.

  • Made use of several web scraping techniques and algorithms.
  • Used PHP and Python to develop the back-end.
  • Set-up a MySQL database that contains the investment data.
Apr 2014Jul 2014

Innovation Consultant


Adaptation of game-design principles and mechanics for the mobility sector.

  • Among other things, extracted social media data to scout existing technologies.
Feb 2014Jul 2014

Software Engineer for an Automated Driving System

UnternehmerTUM Center for Innovation and Business Creation

Developed an image recognition algorithm in Python to detect different states of the drivers' face. The system was capable of recognizing yawning, as well as eye blinking. The gathered information was used to calculate a level of fatigue. Furthermore, the system measured color changes to estimate the drivers' pulse. The software enabled our customer to do further research.

  • Implemented a machine learning based face recognition algorithm.
  • Used OpenCV for real-time, multi-thread image processing.
  • Used network sockets to process the data in a small scale network.


Oct 2013Present

Master Study Computer Science

Technische Universität München (TUM)

Focus on Information Systems and Databases (1) and Software Engineering (2)
Aspired graduation: 02/2016

Oct 2013Jul 2015

Entrepreneurial Education

UnternehmerTUM Center for Innovation and Business Creation

Scholarship for the entrepreneurial training program Manage & More of the UnternehmerTUM (20 people are selected per semester out of all universities in Munich).

Oct 2010Sep 2013

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Technische Universität München (TUM)

Minor: Business Sciences
Thesis: Serendipity in Social Network Recommendations 

Sep 2001Jun 2010

Higher Education Entrance Qualification (A-levels)

Theodor Heuss Gymnasium Aalen

Technical Experience


Experienced in Python and used it for several prototype and production-ready projects.

  • Developed real-time image recognition algorithms with Python and OpenCV. 
  • Used machine learning algorithms to implement a face recognition system.
  • Wrote a wrapper for a speech-recognition API that enabled our team to use speech-recognition in a university project.
  • Created a cloud-based product recommender system with a camera-based user interface. 

Internet Security
Experienced in common web attacks like XSS, CSRF, SQL Injections, DoS, etc.

  • Published a paper about various DDoS Defense Mechanisms. 
    Holl, Patrick. "Exploring DDoS Defense Mechanisms." Future Internet (FI) and Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communications (IITM) 25 (2015): 1.
  • Found bugs in and was rewarded by the Facebook bug bounty program. (

Back-End Development
Five years of experience as a PHP programmer.

  • Object Oriented PHP Development (PHP5).
  • Familiar with web development and content management systems.
  • Knowledge of the modern PHP framework Laravel.

Experienced in database technologies.

  • Used MySQL to build a database that contained research data of investment relationships.
  • Set-up an Apache Cassandra database.
  • Experienced with distributed SQL and NoSQL databases.

Server / Administration
Set-up several Ubuntu servers with a focus on security and performance. 

  • Used HHVM to improve the PHP performance on a server.
  • Installed a public key authentication to gain additional security.
  • Set-up a DNS server including DNSSEC in a small-scale research network.

Experienced in Javascript and several modern libraries and frameworks.

  • Used AngularJS and jQuery to built applications and to improve the user experience of other applications I built.
  • Used ReactJS to develop my personal website

Non-Technical Skills


Lead the Manage & More IT project team for 7 months and established a new cloud-based knowledge management system for the Manage & More program together with my team. 

  • Planned and organized a workshop for new scholarship holders.

Lead a team of 3 students in a business plan development program at the UnternehmerTUM over 1 semester.

  • Awarded as the best business plan among 38 other participants. 


Supported over 60 scholarships holders for 1.5 years in IT related problems.