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PES University

Currently pursuing degree in Computer Science with 8.0 CGPA.

Senior Secondary High School

Kalka Public School

Passed Senior secondary school with 87.8% marks.

High School

Gyan Bharti

Passed with 9.8 GPA.

Work experience

March 2017Present


The Amateur Scientist
  • Supervising TAS for 1st year students.
  • Involved with team selection and management of the fest.
Jan 2017Present

Chief Student Coordinator

Prakalpa at PES University
  • Coordinated the workshops and treasure hunt
  • Managed the operational aspects of the fest.
  • Was involved with the marketing and increasing the attendance for the fest.
Sep 2015Present


IET Student chapter PES University
  • Leading all the secretaries of the IET chapter.
  • Responsible for the overall functioning of the club.
  • Heading the team of the biggest volunteer club in PES University.
May 2016Aug 2016

Summer Intern

Xerox Research Center India and GoodEd Technologies
  • Managing the Repass program to help underprivileged students to pass their exams.
  • Resource Verification of the content
  • Handling the online presence of the program
July 2016August 2016


The Amateur Scientist
  • Mentor of the biggest science exhibition for school students
  • Overseeing the quality control and crisis management
Aug 2015Sep 2016

Head of Sales Operations and Marketing

  • Ensuring timely delivery of goods and services as head of operations.
  • Shaping the marketing strategy for sales and outreach program.
  • Keeping the sales growth on a positive note as sales head.
  • Organiser of BootLab - Unique 3 day hands on workshop.


Jan 2016Apr 2016

Chief Mentor

Epsilon 2016

Mentoring the first year students for the national level science fest - Epsilon

Feb 2016Mar 2016

Marketing Executive

The People's Conference 2016

Working under marketing and corporate relations for MUNSOC's PECON 2016.

May 2015Jul 2015

Knowledge Manager

Lernr at IIT Delhi
  • Internship in a startup environment.
  • Prepared websites for the projects.
  • Contributed in developing the business model for Lernr.
  • Worked for the acquisition of clients.
  • Market identification & sizing
  • Contributed in the  development of the idea      
  • Worked for the scope for MVP.
Jan 2015Feb 2015

Main Coordinator

Epsilon 2015

Organised the national level  Science Fest 2015  as the main coordinator.

May 2015Sep 2015

Core Committee Member

The Amateur Scientist

Core Committee member of the national level Exhibition - TAS.

Aug 2014Dec 2014

Organiser and Member

Microsoft Mobile Lab- Department of Electronics and Communications

Member of Microsoft mobile lab, previously known as the Nokia Lab. Also helped organise two of its flagship events - HashCode and Incito.

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Active volunteer

Collegiate Social Responsiblity

Active participant in many CSR activities.


Cognitive Humanoids - Making Lives Simpler

  • Simulation of human thought process in computerized model
  • Uses Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Natural Language Processing for Self Learning
  • Uses IBM Watson to come up with proofs for a given statement.

Analysis of Sales Pattern of Restaurants in University Ecosystem

  • Uses Data Analytics to analyse the sales pattern
  • Helps predict the reserves for the upcoming week based on the sales pattern
  • Analysis was done using jupyter with APIs like Seabeard, Pandas and Numpy using Python

PESConnect - PES University's own discussion forum

  • PES University's own discussion forum made using HTML, PHP, CSS and JS.
  • Based on popular site and taking inspiration from ConnectU from Harvard university
  • Provides a platform to get latest updates on what's up in campus - by their own colleagues.

GoSafe - Travel Safe Anywhere in Bangalore

  • GoSafe is is a crime tracking cum crime reporting system made using DBMS and SQL.
  • Made for people travelling to new parts of Bangalore
  • Users can view crime Report of a particular area, Criminals who live near you as well as Police stations near you.

Who's Home - Get real time updates of your close ones whether they are at home

  • Who's home is a web based app made to identify the people connected to the wifi network of your home.
  • recognizes people from their device's MAC ID and displaying on the website.
  • Uses Raspberry Pi 3 as router and website uses Wordpress and PHP.

among many others.


Key Skills

  • Excellent Leadership qualities and management skills.
  • Team Worker and good in handling people.
  • Ability to work under challenging situations.
  • Sharp analytical and reasoning skills.
  • Knowledge about startup environments.
  • In Field experience of the corporate world.
  • Good understanding of human psychology.
  • Learning business plan generation.


Fluent in English and Hindi


Systems - Win(98,Vista,XP,7,8,8.1,10), Linux, Mac
Language - C, C++, Java, R, Python, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Wordpress
Softwares - MS Office, Audacity, Photoshop, JFlap, MongoDB, PSQL

Other Achievements

  • Finalists of the App Idea Hackathon organised by Google Students Club in association with Dextra Labs.
  • Participated in National Cyber Safety and Security Summit 2016 organised by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
  • Participated in Soft skills workshop organised by Toastmasters.


References available upon request.