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Rotation Sites

Bailey Medical Center Owasso, OK

Dr. Jeremy Bymaster

  • Developed protocols for vancomycin and aminoglycosides.
  • Performed renal dosing calculations and recommended changes if needed.
  • Monitored heparin, enoxaparin, and warfarin labs.
  • Observed gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and lap band procedures.

Olympia Pharmacy Tulsa, OK

Dr. Sean Crismon

  • Received new prescriptions from doctors/nurses.
  • Transferred prescriptions to and from pharmacies.
  • Assisted with an audit of all controlled substances.
  • Performed order entry, filling, and counseling.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Muskogee, OK

Dr. Ken Lyon

  • Managed 8-10 ICU patients per day.
  • Approved or denied non-formulary requests.
  • Reviewed 120 patients on ezetimibe to determine if the medication is appropriate or not.
  • Observed psychiatric and hospice care team meetings.

St. Francis Acute Care/Trauma Unit Tulsa, OK

Dr. Amanda Hembree

  • Managed up to 16 Trauma ICU patients per day.
  • Observed all trauma level 1 cases while on campus.
  • Researched for a protocol on alcohol withdrawal.
  • Observed emergency procedures on patients in the unit and emergency room.

Drug Warehouse #15 Tulsa, OK

Dr. Brenda Taylor

  • Answered patient questions both over the phone and in the store.
  • Performed drug therapy interventions.
  • Transcribed all voicemail calls.
  • Performed order entry, filling, and counseling.

St. Francis Children's Hospital Tulsa, OK

Dr. Marlene Hall

  • Followed a medical team consisting of residents, fellows, a pharmacist, doctor, dietician, and social care worker.
  • Managed up to 5 pediatric ICU patients per day.
  • Participated in discussions on asthma treatment, TPN, Downs Syndrome, HUS, and congenital heart defects.
  • Presented a patient case on HUS and Pediatric Pilocytic Astrocytoma - one of which had to be towards a patient's caregiver/parent (i.e. fifth grade reading level).

Claremore Indian Health Service

Dr. Charity Earnhardt

  • Ran a clinic with the help of my preceptor on diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis C, smoking cessation, and hyperlipidemia.
  • Performed a hospital-wide chart review for the option to switch patients from U-100 to U-500 insulin.
  • Prescreened incoming telephone prescriptions for upcoming and missed appointments, labs overdue, therapy effectiveness, and any other monitoring needed. Helped fill prescriptions using Parata® machines.
  • Counseled on prescriptions and mail-order.

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy

Dr. Phillip Douglass

  • Ran a sweep every morning checking for hot spots that needed to be addressed.
  • Passed a sterile IV compounding test.
  • Learned how to make the various nuclear products.
  • Observed heart scans and other various radiologic scans at OSU medical center in Tulsa, OK.
  • Helped to develop steps to take for converting the pharmacy for their first controlled drug - DaTScan.

St. Francis Outpatient Cardiac Rehab

Dr. Betsy Poorman

  • Counseled at Xavier free clinic twice weekly.
  • Observed patients during cardiac rehab and attended classes with them.
  • Met with patients individually to explain their medications and answer any questions or concerns.
  • Gave a presentation over heart transplant to my peers, and taught a class of patients about the different medications they may be on.


I am currently a registered pharmacist in Oklahoma, and I am working for Walmart as a floater pharmacist for south Tulsa and the surrounding area.  One of my long term goals is to be more involved in patient care in collaboration with doctors, physician assistants, and nurses.  Whether that be an outpatient medication therapy management service, or inpatient on rounds with a healthcare team.  I love to make patient's lives easier and more manageable.

Selected Portfolio

Work experience

Feb 2012Present



As a Walmart floater pharmacist, I rotate between 7 different pharmacies in my district and others in the surrounding area.  I am in charge of managing the technicians and clerks while on duty, Four-Point, DUR, MUE, Visual Verify, counseling, troubleshooting, and anything else that may come up while working.

Jun 2011Feb 2012

Pharmacy Intern

St. Francis Hospital

As an intern, I was part of the Pyxis to Omnicell switch which included becoming an Omnicell super-user, configuring the medicine into machines, helping nurses with the switch, and bringing any problems or suggestions to our IT pharmacist.  I also do product reorder, fill omnicells with prescription and narcotic medications, hand carry medications, and help with batch.

Dec 2009May 2010

Pharmacy Intern


Entered new patients into the computer system and filed 3rd party insurance, entered, filled, and counseled on prescriptions, performed Bin Reconciliation once per week, and compounded prescriptions as needed.

Jul 2003Aug 2005

Recreation Aid (Lifeguard)

Altus AFB 97th Services

Performed the appropriate save when needed, taught swim lessons and water safety to children, observed all patrons in and out of the water, attended weekly in-service trainings, and participated in Oklahoma Lifeguard Games.


Jan 2008Nov 2011

Doctorate of Pharmacy

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Aug 2005Jan 2008


Southwestern Oklahoma State University