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A leading Internet phone service provider, Utell 2011 offers the option of making phone calls via the Internet to small business and personal households. Through a subscription to its VoIP services customers enjoy all the benefits of standard phones at a fraction of the price. The VoIP system is a relatively new method of making high quality phone calls by using a high-speed Internet connection. Most homes and businesses already have access to Internet, so the setup is simple and the savings to the customer can be quite substantial. The Utell 2011 Inc service can be initiated through a monthly subscription plan that does not charge fees for setting up or cancelling the system and there is no need for a yearly contract. The service is technologically advanced and adheres to the telecommunication industry's stringent regulations, but is not complicated for the end user to install and begin using. After signing up for the service's monthly plan, it is easy to begin dialing and answering local and interntional calls with minimal cost.

Features and Benefits of the Internet Based Phone Service

All of the latest bells and whistles are incorporated into the Utell 2011 service, which oftentimes has many more advanced features than a standard line phone. The most popular feature is the price, which is substantially less than a regular land phone service. For a set monthly fee, the customer can easily talk to local friends, across the country or around the globe. The voice quality on the line is superb and adds to the benefits of using the Internet phone service. The company has added many standard features that were once considered to be add-ons, like advanced versions of  caller identification and call forwarding. The call forwarding feature can be set to “Find Me, Follow Me”, which is an option to redirect incoming calls that go unanswered to specific numbers. The “Failover” feature steps in if there is an electrical outage or if the ISP goes down and will forward the calls to a different specified number. Some of the more advance benefits include generating call logs, which record all calls initiated, received or missed in real time and the enhanced voicemail, which allows for using the web or a remote location to check voicemail. Anyone using the Axvoice service can make free in-network calls and an optional service is the possibility of adding a virtual number located in any area code.

Items Needed for Setup

The only items needed for setting up the Utell 2011 Inc business or home Internet phone system are an adapter and hook up to high-speed Internet server.  The Internet connection should be a broadband service offering the quickest access, such as Cable or DSL. The VoIP adapter can be supplied by Utell 2011 and then connected to the phone to direct all calls through the Internet. Customers who choose to do so can use alternative devices that support SIP, such a a softphone, IP PBX, IP phone, gateway or a VoIP adapter.

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