US Home Systems markets residential kitchen and bathroom improvement products and services, as well as home organization systems, through The Home Depot, one of the country’s prime home improvement outlets. Market research indicates that 80% of homeowners planning to make kitchen or bathroom improvements will visit The Home Depot, seeking ideas, guidance, or materials. A tight collaboration between the two companies ensures that US Home Systems’ products are displayed to the best advantage, illustrating the wide range of options and styles available to homeowners. Although The Home Depot is considered an outlet for do-it-yourselfers, market research indicates that over three-fourths of all kitchen and bathroom improvements are performed by professional remodelers. Thus, while shopping at the store, homeowners can arrange for the work to be done by US Remodelers, a subsidiary of US Home Systems. Homeowners often find that remodeling their existing home is preferable to selling and buying another. As a result, kitchens and bathrooms are often the first areas selected for improvement. The most comprehensive remodel, known as replacement, is also the most costly and often the least justified if existing cabinets and fixtures are serviceable. A much more economical alternative is refacing, or replacing only cabinet doors and drawer fronts, leaving the cabinets themselves intact. US Home Systems offers a wide variety of different doors and drawer fronts, as well as countertops and accessories, to make a kitchen look completely overhauled, but at a fraction of the cost of replacement. With the economy recovering, US Home Systems anticipates steady growth over the coming years. Financial analysts project growth in this sector to be between three and four percent through 2015, and competition has declined with the exit of Lowes from this particular market segment, leaving only Sears as the major mass-market competition.

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