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Work experience

Bible Instructor

Puerto Rican Conference and Quebec Conference (2000 & 2003)
  • Responded to Mark Finley evangelistic meeting interests using the phone, email, etc.
  • Scheduled personal Bible studies with interests that responded positively.
  • Surveyed former It Is Written (French) contacts using the phone to find possible interests for bible study.
  • Visited Bible study interests and gave bible studies with the evangelist during and after the meetings.



Student Literature Evangelist

Alleghany East Conference (Ohio)
  • Achieved 2nd highest sales per weeks worked.
  • Served as a student colporteur for 12 weeks of Evangelistic Canvassing.
  • Prospected for Bible Study interests for follow up Evangelistic Series.
Dec 1998Present

Student Literature Evangelist

Review and Herald
  • Prepared the groundwork for evangelistic meetings and follow up by door to door                                canvassing for 2 weeks
  • Collected bible study requests and passed them over to Pastor and Personal Ministries Leader
  • Shared inspiring testimonials with area churches prior to evangelistic meetings.

Head/Lead Pastor for Fairview Village & Pottstown District

Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Guided the church board into a renewed vision for evangelism, missions, and soul-winning.
  • Mentored church elders in leadership, and discipleship.
  • Developed outreach program to local homeless shelter involving 7 youth and 13 adults.
  • Recruited, mobilized, and trained 15 student literature evangelists to work in my district.
  • Launched and organized the  Discover Bible School for follow up on Student Literature Evangelist leads.
  • Assisted school church board in implementing strategic methods of marketing, fundraising, and community awareness/outreach.
  • Trained Lay Leaders, Lay Preachers, and Equipped Lay Pastors.
  • Coached and assisted the worship ministry in the organization of a visitor friendly and family focused worship service that included (media, sacred and uplifting music, member participation, and opportunities for interaction amongst all age groups).

District Leader/Supervisor for Career Literature Evangelists

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Recruited Full-Time Career Literature Evangelist and student literature evangelists.
  • Trained new Literature Evangelists in door to door ministry and bible study interest follow-up procedures.
  • Coordinated Literature Evangelist promotional rallies in Ontario Adventist churches.
  • Developed new marketing strategies for the publishing ministry.

Coordinator for Canada Youth Challenge

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Achieved record breaking sales of $110,000 for summer with 15 student magabookers.
  • Launched first student literature evangelist winter canvassing program in Canada.
  • Supervised Student Literature Evangelism Program (70+ magabook students annually ).
  • Recruited new students from different Adventist Universities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Managed accommodation arrangements for students.
  • Conducted and supervised daily worship and door to door training for students.
  • Mentored Team leaders in effective leadership and organizational skills.
  • Discipled prospective leaders using one on one training.
  • Organized and scheduled student literature evangelist recruitment and follow up.
  • Preached 3-4 times a month in different churches.
  • Promoted Canada Youth Challenge Program in churches along with the magabook students.

Career Literature Evangelist w/ Home Health Education Service

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Conducted systematic door to door canvassing.
  • Prospected for bible study interests, vacation bible school interests, stop smoking interests, Daniel and Revelation Seminar interests etc.
  • Worked with pastors and personal ministry leaders to successfully transfer bible study interests to the local churches for follow-up.
  • Preached in different Adventists churches and promoted the importance of using literature for outreach.


MDIV/DMIN Integrated Program

Trinity Canada Theological Seminary
Sep 2010May 2012

Automechanics Degree


Completed 2 year degree May 2012


High School Diploma

Oceanside High School

Ministry Biography

I was born on March 27th, 1978 and grew up attending the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I was baptized at age 11 after falling in love with Jesus. During my years as a student and Career Literature Evangelist, the Lord opened the door for me to study Theology. I studied it with two intentions: to grow spiritually and learn more about God’s word, and to equip myself so that I could lead, mentor, and disciple others in order that they may experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus and be soul winners for His kingdom.

These two initial reasons why I studied Theology, are still my motive, passion, and vision for ministry. 

Language Abilities

English, Spanish, French, Italian,

and Portuguese.

Pastoral Strengths, Skills, and Interests

  • Equipping, training, and mobilizing church members for outreach using a yearly cycle of holistic evangelism.
  • Working with young people.
  • Incorporating Colporteur Ministry with the ministry of the local church.
  • Developing lasting friendships and communicating well with different age groups and cultures.
  • Facilitating cross cultural and cross generational interaction and fellowship amongst church members, friends, and community
  • Discipling members through Growth Groups and Sabbath School Action Teams.
  • Teaching church members how to do effective door to door witnessing using literature (Literature Evangelism) and follow up bible study.
  • Building a team and evangelistic mentality within the church board.
  • Marketing and promoting outreach events to the community using different kinds of media.
  • Presenting Dynamic and practical biblical preaching that reaches young and old.
  • Conducting Lay Pastor and Lay Leadership training. 

Leadership Style

 My motto and guideline for mentoring youth is best summarized in the acronym LEAD that for me takes the meaning of:

Lead prayerfully ( praying for them and with them )

Evangelize powerfully ( helping them discover the joy of service by sharing Jesus with others )


Disciple intentionally ( assisting them in discovering their spiritual gifts and using those gifts to make a difference    in their home, school, church, and community).

Family Information

Married to Nancy Faucher Henriquez

She is a Head Teacher with a

BA in Primary Education and Denominational Teaching Certification. She has 3 years experience in multi-grade bilingual teaching and speaks (English, French, and Spanish)

I have two children: Miguel(9yrs) and Leana(7yrs).

Interests and Hobbies

I love to sing, read, travel, exercise, play racquet sports, soccer, spend time with my family camping, and work on cars.

Awards and Special Honors

1) Presented by Quebec Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists for excellent contribution as a Bible Instructor in    the Evangelistic Series held by Mark Finley "REVELATION SPEAKS HOPE" (July 2003).

2) Home Health Education Service/Canada Youth Challenge- Awarded for excellent Leadership contribution to Literature Evangelism Program.

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