Edson Henriquez

Edson Henriquez

Work History

Work History

Bible Instructor

Puerto Rican Conference and Quebec Conference (2000 & 2003)
  • Responded to Mark Finley evangelistic meeting interests using the phone, email, etc.
  • Scheduled personal Bible studies with interests that responded positively.
  • Surveyed former It Is Written (French) contacts using the phone to find possible interests for bible study.
  • Visited Bible study interests and gave bible studies with the evangelist during and after the meetings.


Dec 1998 - Present

Student Literature Evangelist

Review and Herald
  • Prepared the groundwork for evangelistic meetings and follow up by door to door                                canvassing for 2 weeks
  • Collected bible study requests and passed them over to Pastor and Personal Ministries Leader
  • Shared inspiring testimonials with area churches prior to evangelistic meetings.
1998 - Present

Student Literature Evangelist

Alleghany East Conference (Ohio)
  • Achieved 2nd highest sales per weeks worked.
  • Served as a student colporteur for 12 weeks of Evangelistic Canvassing.
  • Prospected for Bible Study interests for follow up Evangelistic Series.
2008 - 2009

Head/Lead Pastor for Fairview Village & Pottstown District

Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Guided the church board into a renewed vision for evangelism, missions, and soul-winning.
  • Mentored church elders in leadership, and discipleship.
  • Developed outreach program to local homeless shelter involving 7 youth and 13 adults.
  • Recruited, mobilized, and trained 15 student literature evangelists to work in my district.
  • Launched and organized the  Discover Bible School for follow up on Student Literature Evangelist leads.
  • Assisted school church board in implementing strategic methods of marketing, fundraising, and community awareness/outreach.
  • Trained Lay Leaders, Lay Preachers, and Equipped Lay Pastors.
  • Coached and assisted the worship ministry in the organization of a visitor friendly and family focused worship service that included (media, sacred and uplifting music, member participation, and opportunities for interaction amongst all age groups).
2000 - 2003

Coordinator for Canada Youth Challenge

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Achieved record breaking sales of $110,000 for summer with 15 student magabookers.
  • Launched first student literature evangelist winter canvassing program in Canada.
  • Supervised Student Literature Evangelism Program (70+ magabook students annually ).
  • Recruited new students from different Adventist Universities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Managed accommodation arrangements for students.
  • Conducted and supervised daily worship and door to door training for students.
  • Mentored Team leaders in effective leadership and organizational skills.
  • Discipled prospective leaders using one on one training.
  • Organized and scheduled student literature evangelist recruitment and follow up.
  • Preached 3-4 times a month in different churches.
  • Promoted Canada Youth Challenge Program in churches along with the magabook students.
2002 - 2003

District Leader/Supervisor for Career Literature Evangelists

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Recruited Full-Time Career Literature Evangelist and student literature evangelists.
  • Trained new Literature Evangelists in door to door ministry and bible study interest follow-up procedures.
  • Coordinated Literature Evangelist promotional rallies in Ontario Adventist churches.
  • Developed new marketing strategies for the publishing ministry.
1999 - 2001

Career Literature Evangelist w/ Home Health Education Service

Ontario Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Conducted systematic door to door canvassing.
  • Prospected for bible study interests, vacation bible school interests, stop smoking interests, Daniel and Revelation Seminar interests etc.
  • Worked with pastors and personal ministry leaders to successfully transfer bible study interests to the local churches for follow-up.
  • Preached in different Adventists churches and promoted the importance of using literature for outreach.



MDIV/DMIN Integrated Program

Trinity Canada Theological Seminary
Sep 2010 - May 2012

Automechanics Degree


Completed 2 year degree May 2012

1992 - 1996

High School Diploma

Oceanside High School

Pastoral Strengths, Skills, and Interests

  • Equipping, training, and mobilizing church members for outreach using a yearly cycle of holistic evangelism.
  • Working with young people.
  • Incorporating Colporteur Ministry with the ministry of the local church.
  • Developing lasting friendships and communicating well with different age groups and cultures.
  • Facilitating cross cultural and cross generational interaction and fellowship amongst church members, friends, and community
  • Discipling members through Growth Groups and Sabbath School Action Teams.
  • Teaching church members how to do effective door to door witnessing using literature (Literature Evangelism) and follow up bible study.
  • Building a team and evangelistic mentality within the church board.
  • Marketing and promoting outreach events to the community using different kinds of media.
  • Presenting Dynamic and practical biblical preaching that reaches young and old.
  • Conducting Lay Pastor and Lay Leadership training. 

Ministry Biography

I was born on March 27th, 1978 and grew up attending the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I was baptized at age 11 after falling in love with Jesus. During my years as a student and Career Literature Evangelist, the Lord opened the door for me to study Theology. I studied it with two intentions: to grow spiritually and learn more about God’s word, and to equip myself so that I could lead, mentor, and disciple others in order that they may experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus and be soul winners for His kingdom.

These two initial reasons why I studied Theology, are still my motive, passion, and vision for ministry. 

Language Abilities

English, Spanish, French, Italian,

and Portuguese.

Awards and Special Honors

1) Presented by Quebec Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists for excellent contribution as a Bible Instructor in    the Evangelistic Series held by Mark Finley "REVELATION SPEAKS HOPE" (July 2003).

2) Home Health Education Service/Canada Youth Challenge- Awarded for excellent Leadership contribution to Literature Evangelism Program.

Interests and Hobbies

I love to sing, read, travel, exercise, play racquet sports, soccer, spend time with my family camping, and work on cars.

Family Information

Married to Nancy Faucher Henriquez

She is a Head Teacher with a

BA in Primary Education and Denominational Teaching Certification. She has 3 years experience in multi-grade bilingual teaching and speaks (English, French, and Spanish)

I have two children: Miguel(9yrs) and Leana(7yrs).

Leadership Style

 My motto and guideline for mentoring youth is best summarized in the acronym LEAD that for me takes the meaning of:

Lead prayerfully ( praying for them and with them )

Evangelize powerfully ( helping them discover the joy of service by sharing Jesus with others )


Disciple intentionally ( assisting them in discovering their spiritual gifts and using those gifts to make a difference    in their home, school, church, and community).

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