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Programmer-Public Speaker-Technology Enthusiast and Critic

Want to work in a driven and friendly environment where my skills are developed technically, professionally and spiritually




Bachelors in Computer Sciences



O'Level and A'Level (Sciences / Pre-engineering)

O Level 85% aggregate marks           A-Level 82% aggregate marks

Work experience


Aug 2015Oct 2015

Content Coordinator

Reaching and contacting high profile individuals to interview for popular tech and startup focused blog TechJuice

Freelance Writer

Mar 2015May 2015

Content Writer

Research, analysis and writing regarding various topics on a freelance basis

Teaching Assistant

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Teaching Assistant

Served as TA in the course 'English Composition' under Professor Ali of NUCES-FAST


Public Speaking

Am able to confidently speak in large crowds on the fly with competence and ease

Participated in

  • GIKI Parliamentary debates 2014
  • NUST - MUN 2013
  • FAST Faisalabad Dec-Bates 2012
  • FAST Faisalabad Debates  2014
  • LGS - Debates 2013
  • GMUN - 2011
  • LSC - Debates 2015


able to competently code in a variety of programming languages taught and practiced here at FAST such as C++ , JAVA , C#, Python, GO etc

Have done various university projects in said languages

  • Basic Music Store (ASP.NET / visual studio / C#)
  • Online Store (Java EE / Eclipse)
  • University DBMS (HTML / Oracle)
  • UDP protocol implementation (C++ / linux)
  • Basic console based Parking MIS (C++ / visual Studio)
  • Piano Application (intel 8086 architecture)
  • Efficient File loading Application (C++)
Speaking / Debating Coach

Am able to competently teach people of various calliber and skills to competenlty and confidently express themselves in a public setting

Final Year Project (January 2016 to December 2016)

Using Deep -learning techniques (convolutional neural networks) to Isolate and recognize Licence plate information in Pakistan where standardized plates and extreme variation cause detection to be very difficult using standard techniques. There are several key advantages to choosing such a project

  • Gaining familiarity and competence in state of the art technologies such as google's new machine learning library i.e Tensor Flow and all of its associated tools and technologies such as Bazel and tensor Flow Serving
  • Deep learning as a rising powerhouse in the mainstream industry

Personal Summary and Experiences

Having been afforded the unique opportunity to learn from one of the best technical schools (FAST) in the country, I’m quite adept at the technical side of technology and its implementation. Coupled with the fact that I have been doing public speaking and debating in one form or another since i was in 2nd grade from plays to speeches to debates, I feel that it has given me a unique ability to be able to confidently and competently speak my mind while keeping diplomacy in mind. Having also been reading about and analyzing all the failures and success of giant industry giants and their co-founders such as apple and Microsoft as well as relatively smaller startups like snapchat and twitter I also have a better than average grasp of the tech industry and what factors usually contribute to a startups success and failure. I also took the initiative with my class mates and launched 4 startups in my time here at fast, none of them lasted long but the experience was very rewarding and informative.  We learned that creating an online presence, a logo, a business plan, an organizational hierarchy alongside a presentation to pitch to potential investors wasn’t enough. We learned having very skilled people wasn’t enough, we learned no matter no good an idea or plan sounds it will always face unexpected hurdles for it is said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. What usually punches you is the real world, your potential customers and even your partners.  We created ‘Tech-Hakeem’ the premiere one stop online tech repair service for the technically unsavy and wealthy, ‘V-teach’ the online home tuition initiate based on a modular payment and no commitment plan, ‘king storm studios’, a brand image and marketing consultant firm and ‘Deewar’ a lifestyle based online art store. Each failure has taught us something new and every time we thought we had it figured out, we didn’t.