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Profesional Skills

  1. HTML / HTML5: Semantic web
  2. CSS / CSS3: LESS, SASS, Media Queries
  3. JavaScript: jQuery, AngularJS, Knockout, etc.
  4. Compatibility quirks across browsers
  5. Responsive design
  6. AJAX, JSON, XML, WebSocket
  7. Converting website design into front-end code
  1. Web servers: Apache, Nginx
  2. Programming language: PHP, NodeJS, Ruby
  3. Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, SQL / JSON in general
  1. Version control: Git, Mercurial, SVN
  2. Virtualization: VirtualBox, Vagrant, Docker

  1. Linux and basic shell scripting
  2. Cloud computing: Amazon, Rackspace, etc.
  3. Background processing: Gearman, Redis
  4. Search: Elasticsearch, Solr
  5. Caching: Varnish, Memcached, APC / OpCache
  6. Monitoring: Nagios

Work History

Front-End & Back-End Web Developer


Front-end & Back-end Web Developer at Jobzella from September 2014-(11 months) working with modern web technology to build smart system with the huge amount off traffic. besides  the Front-end tasks my back-end roles using laravel framework.I gained OOP skills and dealing with huge   amount off traffic application 

Apr 2014Sep 2014

Web Developer


Web Developer at MSpired (6 months) worked as PHP developer and I worked with these technologies Wordpress CMS, CakePHP framework, Node js

Feb 2011Aug 2012

Web Developer


this is my first company I worked in. first worked as front end developer  6 months.then I learned  to work with PHP frameworks  and CMS ,I worked  with Drupal, Prestashop, Symfony 




Ain Shams University

Up and Running Projects