I have been passionate about drawing since 4th or 5th grade, everytime I found something frustrating I used to scribble on the edges of my notebook. After fraduating from industrial school, where I learned the occupation of a turner, I found myself not quite in the place I would like to be, so I started painting cars for financial solutions. That did not also satisfy my career expectations. In 2011 I finally decided to go and learn 3d modelling in Tartu Art School, which was a pleasent experience, expanded my skills and knowledge and landed me some jobs in the industry I would like to pursue. At the moment I enjoy all kinds of assignments which include drawing, 3d modelling and animation

Work experience

Work experience
2014 - 2016

vfx artist, 3d artist, 2d artist

Kaldera OÜ, freelancer

Since my graduation from Art School I have been mostly freelancing smaller types of jobs. Sculpted, textured and shaded some prehistoric humanoids, a lions head for a luxury bed and  modeled a storage box for those student hats called "tekkel" for an example. Luckily I have also gotten a chanche to participate in two motion pictures. One of the movies was "1944", where I did some rotoscoping, and the other one was recently, November 2015, where my duty was to set up and manage the video village.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2014


Tartu Art School
Sep 2003 - Jun 2006


Tartu Vocational Education Centre
Sep 1993 - Jun 2003


Tartu Kivilinna Highschool



3d modelling, simulations, vfx, drawing

I am using photoshop and blender daily, since there isn`t a task i couldn`t do with blender I`ve stayed there. I have also worked with nuke, marvelous designer and after effects