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VVS Final Concert Spring 2012

Teaching Style

In the classroom, I focus on student centered and project based learning. I like to use a combination of the following: interactive lecture/dialogues, student-led group discussions, group inquiries/research, and multi-media presentations. I feel that the use of a more dialogue driven lecture and student group discussions empowers the students with a sense of self-discovery, fosters critical thinking and problem solving. It also rids the class of the one-way, lecture dynamic where the students just listen to the teacher and take notes. Group discussions allow students to interact with their peers on subjects they may not normally discuss, and allows them to discover new ways of thinking. It also allows a forum to informally debate their views and challenge their preconceptions, instigate peer-to-peer transference of information, and allows students the benefit of reinforcing the subject to themselves and their peers. The utilization of multi-media components (PowerPoint presentations, audio, video) whenever possible so the materials become alive and not just words on a page. This allows students to engage more senses and to see and hear discussed examples rather than purely reading about a subject.


To use my unique teaching skills to secure a full-time teaching position at the college or high school level.


Susan Allen

Ulrich Krieger

Paul Stein

Was my superior when hired at Verde Valley School.

Wadada Leo Smith

Rod Oakes


I am also heavily into Mountain biking and trail hiking.

VVS Jazz Combo


Computer Recording
I am well versed in MIDI and computer recording. Can use multiple Digital Audio Workstations such as: Logic Pro, Ableton Live, ProTools, Cubase. Can set-up and maintain computer systems for recording projects.
General Office Skills
Can use most office programs such as Word, Open Office, can make presentations, and spreadsheets.
Musical Improvisation
Well versed in idiomatic and non-idiomatic improvisation techniques. Proficient at getting students to play on chord changes in jazz styles and to explore playing "free".
Stage Production
Have organized many musical performances and stage productions from recital type settings to rock shows.
Composing Music
Compose music and teach composition. My expertise is to help students express their own unique music.
Have lead many ensembles from duets to nineteen piece orchestras with successful, creative performances.

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Music Teacher

Verde Valley School

Main Duties:

  • Art department head
  • Co-run the music department.
  • Development of curriculum
  • Ensembles
  • Staging
  • Teach International Baccalaureate Music Diploma Program (11th and 12th)
  • 9th and 10th grade.
  • Supervise the computer lab
  • Maintain the schools recording studio. 

The IB Diploma program emphasizes performance, composition, listening and score analysis, music history, and music theory. While here I have set-up two jazz ensembles which went to jazz festivals, ran various large mixed ensembles playing everything from rock to contemporary classical literature. In the 9th and 10th grade I taught composition and World music as well as basic musicianship. Other duties include:

  • Scheduling and maintaining the calendar for the schools theatre
  • Dorm parent. 
Aug 2012Present


Chamber Music Sedona

  • Give financial and hands-on support to this well-established cultural institution. 
  • Help to shape the direction of the institutions future and to ensure that the organization stays a viable entity for many years to come. 
  • Work as a team with other board members
  • Attend regular meetings
  • Help implement board policies


Urban Nerds
  • Write, produce, and performer music for my own publishing company. 
  • Project management: 
    •  Live performances
    • Contracting players for recordings
    • Producing recordings
    • Running rehearsals. 
  • Event planning and logistics. 
  • Event promotion, including web and street promotion. Events have been in the LA Weekly's pick of the week. 
  • Able to lead projects, as well as to be part of a team. 
  • Taught private one-on-one lessons successfully: scheduling of appointments, transfer of knowledge in a goal oriented fashion. Students went on to UC Irvine, Oberlin, and USC. 
  • Web Design including: HTML, CSS, use of Dreamweaver and FrontPage. 
  • Digital audio and photo file format conversion, editing, and handling. 
  • Promotional materials design.
May 2008Jun 2008


Jonathan Bepler

Short Term Project: Assisted Jonathan Bepler on Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle, Ren in Santa Fe Springs in May 2008. Duties included:

  • Music copying
  • Conducting
  • Facilitating marching band actions for film 
  • Helped with some planning logistics.
Aug 2006May 2008

Teachers Assistant

California Institute of the Arts

  • Maintained instructors schedule.
  • Served as instructors admin: 
    • Filled out institute paperwork
    • wrote letters and email correspondence. 
  • Ran classes when instructor was out of town, including: 
    • Administering tests
    • Conducting ensemble rehearsals
    • Day-to-day classroom activities. 
Jan 1999Aug 2006

Facilities Assistant

Federal Home Loan and Mortgage Company

  • Negotiated new vendor contracts for kitchen supplies, copy machines, and postal services. Saved company over $10,000 in copier rental costs and found cost savings in all vendor areas; kitchen supplies, postage machine lease, while acquiring better services for employees. 
  • Liaison to property management, first point of contact to all outside vendors. 
  • Maintained facilities, and oversaw all day-to-day operations, including: office supply management, temperature control, lighting, and scheduling of all office maintenance. 
  • Responsible for all regional shipping and receiving and mailroom activities. 
  • Maintained audio/visual equipment including set-up and operation. 
  • Maintained off-site storage of files, including: retrieval of old files and insertion of new files. 
  • Reception, answered switchboard, provided outside and internal customer service. 
  • Trained employees on phone systems and in mailroom operations
Apr 1995Aug 1998

Stock Clerk

Ralphs Grocery Company

  • Stocked Shelves, completed time sensitive job on a nightly basis 
  • Customer service. 
  • Maintained liquor department: ordering, presentation, stock levels.
  • Shipping and receiving. 
  • Performed inventory and price changes, product ordering. 
  • Warehouse organization and clean up.