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Located in New York City, Urban American Management owns and manages more than 100 multi-family properties and 10,000 apartment units in the metropolitan area. The firm operates with the corporate philosophy that all tenants deserve a place that they feel proud to call home. To this end, Urban American carefully renovates, updates, and maintains apartments in many different neighborhoods throughout the city. Additionally, the company designs upscale common areas and ensures manicured landscaping to bolster residents’ experiences in their apartments. The company is also committed to keeping rents at appropriately priced for the neighborhoods they serve, so that tenants are able to afford comfortable lifestyles in the neighborhoods they love. In addition to offering residents high quality apartments and common areas, Urban American Management is also committed to providing quality and attentive service to enhance the living experience at their properties. Team members take time to listen to the concerns and suggestions of tenants and rely on feedback in order to constantly improve standards of maintenance and upkeep. The company emphasizes aesthetics as well as durability, ensuring tenants can expect quality and consistency. One of the many ways the company strives to improve service is through their commitment to sustainability. In 2011, the team vowed to cease usage of incandescent bulbs and instead turn to more energy-efficient light bulbs, thus reducing electricity usage and greenhouse gases. But that was just the beginning of the company's energy efficiency initiatives and have Urban American has gone on to develop best-in-class energy efficiency practices and large-scale projects like the design and installation of co-generation systems.