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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Project manager in PR and marketing (internship/maternity replacement)


Developing and managing different marketing campaigns in collaboration with external campaign partners. Maternity replacement for eBays Nordic Brand and PR Manager. The work includes working closely with eBay's external PR-, advertising- and web agencies to develop and manage campaigns.

Main activities

  • Liaison with PR agency on branding opportunities and attaining monthly impressions goal.
  • Proactively identify and handle any external ad hoc communications opportunities/issues.
  • Writing and proofing of press releases and copy writing for newsletter and onsite campaigns.
  • Compile and communicate consumer insights into tactical campaigns.
  • Developing and handling campaign materials.
  • Project manage - collaborations --- campaigns
  • Tracking of brand reputation in online- and offline media.
  • Design and production of marketing material
  • Social Media marketing.

Key contributions

  • Introduced social media strategy including the launch of Tradera on Twitter.Tradera became recognized as one of the three best Swedish companies on Twitter.
  • Broke the record of most impressions ever during one single month
  • Developed on-site campaigns through implementing Social Media applications and other features.
  • Improved reporting and analysis of Tradera's internet marketing efforts in SEM.
  • Developed several successful consumer campaigns.
  • Received a Spot Award in 2009 for excellent performance

Public Relations Intern

Mahir PR

Worked on PR and digital marketing for companies in e-commerce, streaming online video, social media services, recording artists and FMCG: s. I managed a wide range of projects in several industries. Generated PR campaign ideas and collaboration proposals for clients, created pitch material and researched tracking and measurement tools and provided exhaustive market analyses to key clients.

Main activities

  • Developed PR and marketing campaigns
  • Analyzed market trends and business opportunities
  • Risk assessment and competitor analysis
  • Selling news stories to the press
  • Writing press releases.

Key contributions

  • Worked on project that won Mahir a contract with a multinational FMCG company
  • Wrote the entries to several PR awards including Sabre Awards and Spinn 08
  • Created new presentation structure and template to be used in all presentations
  • Organized and Project managed large customer event

Project Manager


My job was to organize and lead the exchange of all nurse call alarms in three Swedish cities. Due to excellence in job performance I soon held dual roles, often concurrently, including product testing, administration, event planning etc.

Key contributions:

  • Structured a new client database.
  • Conducted an assesments on the use of Tunstall products together with IP-telephony.
  • Created employee and customer training manuals.
  • Developed new method of data transition to new data system that saved months of work.



Marketing- and Communication Coordinator

IHM Business School

IHM Marketing & Communication Coordinator provides an overall study of and practical skills in communication, marketing, finance and production of communication material in printed and digital media. I have gained knowledge and skills along the entire process, from planning communication measures to production and implementation - all based on the organization's business goals, the stakeholders various perceptions and the available resources.

Related Coursework:

Marketing and Branding, Integrated Communications, Graphic Production and Printing, Presentation skills, Project management, Analysis and  Evaluation of marketing activities


International Management Programme

Reims Mangagement School

I studied MBA classes in international management and marketing. The International Management Programme offered a good immersion into the international and multicultural business environment with an international focus. All of the courses are taught by international professors from different partnership universities like NYU and the University of Texas.

Reims Management School emphasize on strategic analysis, adaptability and leadership skills.

Related Coursework: 

Cross cultural management, International Logistics and trade, Forecasting and analysis, Consumer and B2B Marketing,Telecommunications, financial derivates etc.


Bachelor in Restaurant Management

Umeå University

The Restaurant Management Program focuses on the specific challenges in the service industry. The program is unique as it comprises an interdisciplinary syllabus that gives insight into the service industry. 

Related Coursework: 

Consumer and B2B Marketing, Services Marketing, Leadership, Buyer Behavior, International Marketing, Promotions & Advertising Management, Branding, Market Research, Professional Selling & Sales Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Product development, Behavioral Science, Ethnology

Significant Research Paper, topic: The role for sponsorship in marketing for Swedish dairy producer, Arla.


Computer Skills
Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, FindAgent, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Crystal Reports, SnagIt, Squarespace, + many others  


Rasmus Pultz

I studied MBA classes in France together with Rasmus.

Thomas Areskoug

Anna Chrona

Anders Edholm

Anders is the account manager for eBay at Springtime PR.

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Extracurricular activities

·Started and held the position of Chairman of a new student union association at Umeå School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Umeå University

·Board member at The Union of Students of social sciences at Umeå University

·Student representative board member at the faculty of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Umeå University


  • Results Driven: Knows and understands the fundamentals of what drives business
  • Communication Skills: Has the ability to express ideas effectively, both verbal and written.  Comfortable and experienced public speaker. 
  • Proactive. Likes to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen
  • Endless Curiosity: Likes to learn and develop new skills

Meyers- Briggs Results


Extraversion: 50%People who prefer Extraversion tend to focus their attention on the outer world of people and things.

Intuition: 86%People who prefer Intuition tend to take in information from patterns and the big picture and focus on futurepossibilities.

Feeling: 75%People who prefer Feeling tend to make decisions based primarily on values and on Subjective evaluation of person-centered concerns.

Judging: 64%

People who prefer Judging tend to having a preference for making decisions. A judging lifestyle is decisive, planned and orderly. They enjoy planning and deciding.

Personal information


Swedish: Native English: Fluently. Portuguese: Beginner; continuing classes. 


Driven without ego. Constant hunger to learn new methodologies and stay abreast of marketing and business development.  Creative and driven in generating marketing ideas. 


Urban has a keen interest in leveraging traditional marketing with social interaction. On the personal side he is interested in cooking, wine and traveling.

One-line bio

Highly driven and goal oriented professional balancing analytical thinking with creativity.

About Urban

Urban Johansson has experience from working with large and mid-sized companies to improve business communications, marketing and PR through the use of traditional marketing, social media, community platforms, and events. Last year he built up a Social Media strategy for eBay in Sweden. His work for eBay has made local brand Tradera to be recognized as one of the three best Swedish companies on Twitter it also rewarded him with a spot award for excellent achievements from eBay in December of 2009.

He has experience from marketing various products from FMCGs to digital services and recording artists. He works cross disciplinary to create synergies through integrating PR and traditional marketing with the use of social media and other emerging digital marketing technologies.  

In his past, Urban worked in several upscale restaurants as bartender, chef and sommelier. He considers himself a foodie at large who loves to cook. His favorite restaurants include D.O.M. in Sao Paulo, VOX in Berlin and F12 in Stockholm.

For more information, please contact Urban directly.