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To peruse a career in military or commercial aviation, retire, and go into the federal goveerment

Work experience

Aug 2015Jan 2016

Cashier/ Drive-thru

Taco Bell

Operated front counter and drive-thru cash registers

Interacted with 50+ community members


Aug 2012Jun 2017

Honors Diploma

Damonte Ranch High School

Course description

Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

              Learned the Science that is used by ships and aircraft of the United States Navy

              Preformed physical fitness extercises

              Led platoons or squads of cadets

Computer Science

             Programmed with different coding programs such as Python or Touch develop

              Learned about how the internet functions

             Created games and 3-dimentional objects

Advanced Placement United States History

              Learn in detail about the history of the United States from its beginning to the present

              Create group of solo projects such as timelines of a certain era in American History

              Learned about important figures in American history    

Education Goals

Plan to study aviation and earn a masters degree upon completion

Study political sciences and earn masters degree


Learning about the history of the world

Operating remote controlled drones

Learning about different cultures of different countries



     Can speak in Latin and English

Playing any type of saxophone 

     Specialize in the Tenor of Baritone Saxophone

Programming with python and touch develop

     Can create games, animations, and 3D figures


Good follower

Strong and confident leader who knows the best leadership styles

Reliable to others

Honest to others


Name                                            Number                           Email                                                                 Relationship

Pepper Theide                          (907) 715-9025           [email protected]                      Teacher

Kennith Van Burren                                                         [email protected]              Senior Naval Science Instructor

Tom Clifton                                (775)750-3941                                                                                              Family friend