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A nonprofit located in Boulder, Colorado, the Unifying Meditation Institute is dedicated to fostering emotional, physiological, and spiritual health through the effective practice of meditation. Serving individuals, families, and community groups, UMI’s team of certified instructors teach meditation protocols designed to promote deep relaxation and metaphysical enlightenment. The practices applied by the Unifying Meditation Institute, though based on ancient Middle Eastern Semitic traditions, are not tied to any particular faith or denomination. In fact, the form of meditation that UMI promotes predates most of our modern notions of religious doctrine. The institute welcomes people of all nationalities, colors, and creeds. Stressing a personalized approach to meditation, UMI encourages each participant to find his or her own path to well-being and spiritual awareness. The institute’s teachers give their students routines and techniques to practice at their own discretion and pace. There is no UMI “guru” demanding a specific, rigid, and preordained course of action.The Unifying Meditation Institute was founded by its Executive Director, Emanuel Sammartino, and its Director of Education, Bob Tarantino. Both men have decades of experience studying the meditation practices of Israel, India, China, and other enduring ancient cultures. Mr. Tarantino created the various UMI programs and tutorials using methods of the Sefer Yetzirah tradition as his blueprint and inspiration. The Sefer Yetzirah also figures predominantly into the institute’s continued commitment to charity and community outreach. Ideas of giving are absolutely central to the tradition as it has been passed down through the generations. In this spirit, the Unifying Meditation Institute regularly contributes time and money to a variety of individuals in need and worthy institutions.