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To become a part of the Old Navy staff and utilize my skills to give back to the customers and the company.


Sep 2011Jun 2015

High School Diploma

Parkrose High School


Parkrose Education Foundation Scholarship: Received an $1,000 scholarship for showing leadership and dedication to the Parkrose community.

Academic Test Award in Physical Science: Received A’s on all test throughout the year in Physical Science.

Academic Test Award in Honors Biology: Received A’s on all test throughout one semester in Honors Biology. (Received one B in other semester)

Top 10 Drilldowner: Received medal and recognition for being one of the top 10 to remain at the end of drill-downing during a state competition.

English College Credits: Received free college credits in passing AP test during junior year in AP Language and Composition.

Varsity Athletic Awards: Received certificates of recognition for participation in dance team both junior and senior year. Became Varsity Dancer my second year of dance.

Dance State Champion: Won first place in state 2014 with my dance team, the Parkrose Elite.

Gold Awards: Would receive scores higher than 80 in both Treble Choir and A-Choir at competitions.

Most Potential and Most Disciplined: Received certificates of recognition for having the most potential and most disciplined on the team from 2013-2014.

Most Inspirational, Best Listener, Best Moth Character, and Best Dressed: Received certificates of recognition for these awards on dance team for 2015

Coaches Award: Received a plaque called the Coaches Awarded from my dance team coaches in 2015

Extracurricular School Activities

Parkrose Elite Dance Team:


11 hours/week

We work as a team with trust and dedication. We have won a state championship in 2014 and I was a top 10 drill downer.


Student Government:


2 hours/week

Plan events for the school such as dances, assemblies, graduation, spirit weeks, staff appreciation, and Doernbecher month.


We The People:

8/2014 -1/2015

 2 hours/week

Competed against other schools utilizing knowledge in speaking of current events, important documents (Constitution), and politics.


Asian Youth Society:


 6 hours/week

Do community service, volunteer, and fundraise for the homeless.


Choir (Treble & Acapella):


6 hours/week

Do concerts and compete against other schools. We have won multiple gold awards and placed in state 2015 in A-Capella choir


Link Crew:


 8 hours/month

Helped freshman feel comfortable in the highschool in doing a tour and icebreaker type games.


Debate with Chinese Visitors: 


3 hours

Chinese students from a Foreign Language school in China came to tour the West Coast and came to Parkrose. I had the honor of being one of the 8 people representing Parkrose High School to tour OHSU with them and even debate with them on cloning, IVF, and embryonic stem cells.

Yearbook Committee:


4 hours/month

Designed, edited, and took photos for the 2014-2015 yearbook. 


  • Officer of Student Government for two years and planned events for the school such as assemblies, spirit days, dances, staff appreciation, think pink week, unity week, ect. and fundraised for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Doernbecher Children's Hospital 
    • Strengthened public speaking skills
    • Attended the Oregon Associated Student Council leadership conference
  • Led freshmen around campus and had them participate in bonding activities
  • Toured 8th graders around the high school
  • Participated in various volunteer/community services throughout highschool
  • Treasurer for Asian Youth Society for a year and Secretary another year

Volunteer/Community Service

Canned food drive:


3 hours

I handed out fliers around our designated neighborhoods in order for houses to leave canned foods out for us to pick up.


Pennies for the Homeless:

12/2011 - 1/2014

40 hours

I would carry around buckets during school or to events to raise change for the homeless.


St. Rita’s lunch:


6 hours

Served those who attended the St. Rita's Church spaghetti lunch.


Worked Convention Center booths:

3/2012 & 3/2013

10 hours

Worked a snack booth and a blow up obstacle course for the Vietnamese New Years celebration.


Night Strike:


5 hours

Walked around downtown to converse with the homeless while offering them beverages and sandwiches.


Handed items to homeless:


3 hours

Went around downtown and handed warm clothing items and hygiene bags to the homeless. 


Wrapped presents for children:


3 hours

Wrapped presents for unfortunate children to make in time for Christmas.


Blanchet House:


4 hours

Served food to the homeless.




Work experience

Sep 2013Jun 2015


Parkrose High School

Worked concessions for student government and promoted school spirit gear and fundraisers. 


Shannon Nguyen: (503) 307-7769