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Undurty Sriram Panth

Environmental Engineer


Motivated Environmental Engineer with valuable international exposure offers cutting-edge insights into Environmental issues and their control along with sustainable, economically feasible solutions to practical engineering problems to achieve outstanding results.

Work experience

Jan 2014May 2014

Environmental analyst

City of Birmingham, Alabama & Georgia Institute of Technology
  • The coordinator for the environmental aspect of a larger Health Impact Assessment (HIA) project for the City of Alabama under the guidance of Dr. Botchwey. 
  • Responsibilities included recording and analyzing samples collected in the field. The results were compared against the observed health impacts in the concerned area and the identification of major point sources for pollution.


May 2012Jun 2012



Internship at Chennai, India. 

  • Performed an analysis of emission control methodologies used in vehicles and improvements in emission control.
  • Conducted study on Heavy vehicles, Agricultural vehicles and their impact on ambient air quality and impact assessment.
  • Sustainable and economically feasible design modifications suggested furthering reduction of pollution.
May 2011Jun 2011

Project Intern

ACC ltd

Internship at  Bargarh, India. 

  • Suggested improvements regarding ambient air quality improvement after a detailed study of the pollution control methodologies used and estimates of the cost benefit analysis were documented.
  • Conducted a detailed study and project on the emissions from the thermal power plant and control methodologies used, environmental Impact assessment performed.


Aug 2013Present

M.Sc Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Major in Air Quality Control with minors in Sustainable management and waste water remediation.
  • Working towards a thesis on a Mobile Emission Measurement device, which would be revolutionary in the field of automotive emission control.
  • Member of American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists (AAEES); American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Jun 2009Apr 2013

B.Technology  Mechanical Engineering

GITAM University
  • 8.4/10 GPA; Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
  • Member of The Institution of Engineers, India; The Society of Automotive Engineers.


Sustainable Development

Production with a higher efficiency in an eco-friendly way which helps with both the regulations and also prevents adverse working/living conditions.

Waste Water Remediation

Analysis and solutions for the elimination of pollutants from groundwater by reactive transport modelling. Also the bio-remediation of waste water to make it suitable for re-use.



Environmental Impact Assessment

Detailed study of environmental factors responsible for practical problems like health, visibility, global warming etc. and find the best solution to said problems by analyzing data.

Environmental Modelling

Designing practical systems to control the pollution caused by variety of sources and implementation of said designs.

Environmental regulations and pollution control

Good amount of experience in helping industries comply with the environmental standards while minimising economical impact.

Personal Details

  • NATIONALITY : Indian
  • DATE OF BIRTH : 9th May, 1991
  • POSTAL ADDRESS :  501, TSR Apartments, Sivaji Palem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,                                                   India.  ZIP-530017
  • LANGUAGES: English, Hindi, Telugu, Oriya