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GlobalHuman Resources and Organization Development executive with unique hands-on experience in multiple business models. Skilled at innovation and able to translate this innovation into bottom line results. Effective at designing and leading complex change initiatives across geographically and culturally diverse international organizations. Strong record of contribution in startup, turnaround, and expansion situations with technology, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.

Work experience


Head Talent Management


Recruited to drive organizational transformation through a redesign of AAA’s performance & talent management systems and processes. Designed and conducted a comprehensive business and cultural assessment to define key needs and opportunities. Recruited and led a team of hand-selected cross-business executives to design the strategy and implementation. Currently designing and leading implementation of new talent management, and career planning and development strategies, as well as a new technology platform.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>


VP HR Performance Management; Senior Director Global Talent


Recruited to drive a major cultural shift in organizational and individual performance and capability. Designed and implemented first integrated performance, career and talent management systems during a period of rapid growth from 150,000 to 320,000 employees. Successfully managed large and complex initiatives affecting employees in over 170 countries with small team.

Successes include:

§Worked with the CEO to design and implement a world-class executive assessment process at the senior level to market-calibrate the leadership team and drive improved capability. The initiative was called a ‘game changer’ by the CEO. Coached key SVP’s and EVP’s including facilitating their teams through the integration and application of the data to their individual business strategies and organizational structure. Created a best-in-class selection model based on the output.

§Designed and led a cross-business team in creating and implementing a best-in-class competency and experience-driven career development system on a very short timeline. The system underpinned a new approach to leadership development and the rotation of key talent cross-business and cross-geography. Outcomes included significant improvements in employee engagement and leadership capability

§Led a global team that designed and implemented HP’s first enterprise-wide talent management system. Additionally, defined business requirements and design that led to the selection of an integrated and standardized technology platform.

§Led the senior team and CEO in redefining and rewriting HP’s Leadership Competency Model. The model served as the core integration point across all leadership development and talent management systems.


Director Global Change Practice

Action for Results, Inc.

Brought in by CEO (a former colleague) to help grow privately held project management consulting group. Drove change management and leadership development initiatives during challenging economic period.

Successes include:

§Provided key support [change management, strategy development, executive coaching, high- performance team development, and shared service implementation] to a State Health & Human Services Agency. The organization was undergoing a major multi-agency consolidation into a single entity to improve service levels and cost structure.

§Facilitated executive team development and provided executive coaching and change management support to a business restructuring in a global knowledge management and training company.

§Designed and built a Strategic Project Leadership multi-media course in support of Project Management Institute’s continuing certification requirements.


Senior Director Talent Management & Acquisition

Elan Pharmaceuticals

Hand-selected to drive cultural change, as well as design and deliver a core leadership development and talent management strategy and set of processes for a rapidly growing Irish-based biopharmaceutical company. The primary client system was the U.S.-basedCommercial organization. Following critical failure in late stage clinical trials of the lead drug, project-managed the restructuring and reduction in force of the U.S.-based business to support survival of the company.

Successes include:

§Project-Managed a business restructuring for the biopharmaceutical business leading to an initial 65 percent reduction-in-force. The business survived the financial crisis and was able to secure a partner to deliver the drug to market realizing a 10-fold increase in market cap within 18 months.

§Designed and began implementation of a comprehensive transformation process including strategy deployment, rapid business and process redesign, transition management, and a balanced scorecard/ differentiation framework. This work was initiated shortly before my departure.

§Supported and participated in rebuilding the business strategy for the new organization, including the development of a comprehensive executive development/talent acquisition and management process.


Director Global HR Planning & Development

Baxter BioScience

Recruited to support the start-up of a new biotechnology company formed from the merger of a division of Baxter International [Hyland] and an Austrian vaccines company [Immuno AG]. Responsible for M&A support and implementation of new HRD systems. Worked in multiple locations, primarily U.S., Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

Successes include:

§Co-facilitated the senior leadership team start-up of new biotech business. Provided support for business strategy development and execution, as well as the formulation of the core mission, vision, and long term objectives. Provided executive coaching, team building and facilitation to the key executive teams improving performance and business results.

§Led integration/change management activities for multiple global business acquisitions, and provided design and strategy support for the development of Baxter Healthcare’s corporate M&Amodel, improving the speed and quality of integration.

§Facilitated the re-start of the number one priority product development project for Baxter Healthcare, accelerating market delivery from 2 years behind schedule to 6 months early, with a projected revenue opportunity in excess of $1B.

§Designed and implemented a manufacturing improvement strategy to reduce the cycle time from manufacture to fill/finish on biopharmaceutical products manufactured in Europe [Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic]. Cycle time was reduced from 150 days to 29 days in less than 3 months, with a multi-million dollar savings in inventory carrying costs. The project served as a platform for the implementation of 6Sigma.

§Initiated and co-led a cross-divisional, global change initiative that built project management and product development capability across Baxter Healthcare, leading to improvements in drug development delivery and profitability.

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