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General Motors

Key Responsibilities:

Manage the capacity planning and scheduling activities for Body-In white, Design, General Assembly, and Parts Fabrication operations. Improve production throughput by teaching and implementing Lean principles.


» Forecast future workload accurately, and make it a globally common system. Reduce lead time for Body shop and General Assembly production

Main Strategy:

» Create a workload forecasting database to track $86 million of existing & future projects in USA. Lead global teams (in Korea, China, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Mexico & Canada) to ensure the model is common and applies to each region. Led a cross functional team to reduce production lead times


» Using Lean Manufacturing principles, reduced lead times by 21% and 38% in 2009

» Workload model is used to track projects, and predict manpower requirements in all GM Pre-Production Operations around the globe. Saved $18 million in excess manpower at the US operations alone.

» Senior management uses the workload model to manage the business with hourly manpower reductions of over 49% in two years



Key Responsibilities:

Supervised daily production for the medium duty commercial trucks - General Assembly, Body shop and Paint shop on first and second shifts. Responsible for safety, quality and compliance of manufacturing processes and operations


» Reduce costs in General Assembly department by $600,000.


» Reduce Non-Scheduled Overtime by 10% and Scrap produced by 15% in a year by using Six Sigma methodology and eliminating the bottleneck operations. Resulted in a overall savings of $1.3 Million


Supervisor, General Assembly Installation & Layouts

Supervised GM salaried engineers and numerous off-site contract installers and designers for Lordstown Assembly, Detroit Hamtramck Assembly plants, and Pickup Truck programs


» Completed the $10+ million Lordstown installation during December 2003 with Zero Safety incidents

» Successfully managed a budget of over $15 million per year, with a team of engineers & designers


Supervisor, Virtual Factory Group

Key Responsibilities:

Develop GM’s capability to model new equipment installation in 3D with real math data

Major Accomplishments:

» Led groups in North America and GM Europe, on the Virtual Factory Project (as the single voice from USA) to gather user requirements, evaluate virtual factory & laser scanning software, and provide feedback to software companies

» Collaborated with Engineers from various departments to develop the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software - TeamCenter Manufacturing, within GM

» Implemented a standard process for customers to request plant layouts, check on its status, and review live 3D models using the website

» Worked to assure common solution of Math tools between GM North America, Europe & Latin America

» Involved in the Discrete Event Simulation and Virtual Factory Integration


Lead Engineer

Classic Design

» Supported a GM-Suzuki venture in Canada, designing throughput simulations models to determine floor space, buffer sizes, and number of stations required for a plant body shop.

» Created and validated process simulation models in AutoMOD software for automotive and non-automotive clients. Improved manufacturing processes utilizing knowledge of design, tooling, production capabilities, and quality control standards

»  Created process simulation models in AutoMOD for Chrysler, Magna, and Corning.


Sales Engineer

Greaves Cotton Limited

» Created and executed high-impact promotional materials within strict budget constraints. Acquired new business by strategically networking and maintaining strong partnerships. »  Led successful product negotiations with buyers in diverse industries to implement items in stores, raising consumer awareness and significantly growing profit margins.




Professional Training


Selected Achievements

Career Driver

The key to my inner pleasure is to make an individual contribution, leave a legacy signature on my work, rather than strive for a paycheck


I am a Manager who’s driven by curiosity about how diverse teams work effectively to exceed goals.At General Motors, I lead an Engineering team to deliver 100% of the Prototype build schedules on time, plan a budget of over $89 Million/year, and manpower requirements for over 650 UAW employees.I‘m equally at home using Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing for improving production throughput. I believe strongly in Continuous Improvement -- and am passionate about standardized processes