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I was the longest female ruler of Russia. Born in 1729 under the name  Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, I ruled from the 9th of July, 1762, - after my husband was assassinated and after the seven year war had ended- up until my death in 1796 at the age of 67. I have soon been resurrected, and am ready to rule again. Under my leadership, Russia was brought into the “Golden Age.” Russia was revitalized and grew greater in power over time, getting a big boost when I ruled.

Objective Statement

As leader of the new land, I hope to fund education, give our future generations a path to success, hoping to have one of them surpass me and carry on my legacy when I die. When ruler, I shall give a valiant effort to increase our size and leave a great mark on this world.



I was tutored by tutors and the French Governess at an early age.

Work experience


Leader of Russia



  • expanded Russia through Southern Ukraine and Crimea
  • won a lot of war, such as against the Ottoman Empire
  • founded the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls
  • made Russia more westernized, following the footsteps of Europe
  • created a new theater in Moscow


Count Andrei Shuvalov, my Chamberlain at a young age.

He can be contacted at the palace of Oranienbaum.

Ivan Betskoy, Advisor of Education

Helped me when advancing the education in Russia. He can be contacted in Saint Petersburg