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Seminars and Trainings


17/09/2009         Negotiation Skills

                            “Kazançlı Müzakere”, by Ayşen VARDAR,

                            PDR Group- TACK International, İstanbul

19-20/08/2009    DAF Trucks Sales Training

                            DAF Trucks –Samandıra, İstanbul

26-27/02/2009     JD Vantage Training – Communication Skills and Teamwork

                            “Takım Çalışması için Sıradışı İletişim Becerileri, by Timur TİRYAKİOĞLU”

                            Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Merkezi, İstanbul

5-7/02/2009        JD Vantage Training – Finance and Accounting

                            “Temel Finans Eğitim Programı, by Doç Dr. İrem NUHOĞLU”

                           Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Merkezi, İstanbul

15-17/01/2009    JD Vantage Training – Leadership and Strategic Management

                            “Liderlik ve Lider Yöneticilik, by Dr. Uğur TANDOĞAN

                            “ Stratejik Yönetim, by Ö;zen Kırant YOZCU”

                            Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Merkezi, İstanbul

12-16/02/2007  Sales Process, Time and Territory Management

                          JD European Office, Mannheim, Germany

14/01/2007        Microsoft Excel (Advanced)

                            Bilge Adam, İstanbul

18 -21/12/2006  John Deere Fundamental Training on Tractors, Combines and SPFH

                           JDW Mannheim& JDW Zweibrücken, Germany

31/10- 03/11/2006  John Deere Kick-Off Training on Combines& SPFH and AMS Products

                                 Nijmegen, Netherlands

22-23/09/2005  Seminar on Time Management

                          EDM Consulting and Education


09-10/12/2004  5.PAZARLAMA ZİRVESİ

                        “Oyunun Kuralları Değişiyor Mu?”

                          Management Centre Turkey

                          Lütfi Kırdar Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı, İstanbul

01/12/2004       SIX SIGMA CONFERENCE


                          Lütfi Kırdar Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı, İstanbul         

11-12/05/2004   CRM 4X4 CONFERENCES

                          “Başarılı CRM Projeleri için İpuçları- Sadık Müşteri Yaratmanın Yolları”

                           CRM Institute Turkey

                           Mövenpick, İstanbul

12/03/2004        CRM Institute Workshop

                          Segmentation and Customer Profiling

                          Mövenpick, İstanbul

04/12/2003        Seminar on Consumer Relationships Management

                          EDM Consulting and Education


12/03/2002      METU Carier Planing Service& Dream and Act Consulting

                        Case Study about Process Reengineering

My Career Objective

Short Term;

  • I would like to transform my experience in territory sales management, dealer development and customer relations into a mid-management role in sales and marketing area of a multinational firm especially acting in automotive, agricultural machinery, heavy truck or other equipment sectors.
  • My countrywide field sales experience and business network allows me to present a strong commitment of success for any agricultural machinery firms aiming to invest in Turkey.
  • I am also open to international opportunities that I trust in my capabilities to carry the responsibility of neighbour countries of Turkey.

Long Term;

  • Depending on my strong education background, experience in sales and territory management, deeper studies that I conducted in Customer Relationships Management, and wide ranged personal interests in global economic,trade, technological and consumption trends, I target to achieve a top management role in sales and marketing of a multinational in 15 years time.

Interests, Hobbies and Personal Studies


I always try to be up-to-date about global trends and conjuncture. Therefore, my main hobby is keeping tracks of world politics, economics, popular trends and technological innovations from different medias such as journals, newsletters, magazines, videos and etc. I want to collect all my tracks in a personal history folder in the future.


I have a collection of souvenir pieces, pins, handworks, local arts from my local and abroad travels.

Another desire is collecting books and enriching my personal library


Travel is a combination of my personal joys and professional needs. I had chance of traveling almost all around Turkey, till the farest villages, and many European Cities.

My interest is boutique-style traveling,discovering local cuisines, escape-points with natural beauty and historical places.

I plan to publish my travel experiences in my blog; My Travel Design.

Internet Technologies

As everyone, I like chatting, networking, and sharing media with my contacts. But, moreover, I want to add a value on this hobby so I am currently studying on web design and e-business

Not only technology but also customized services, mobile technologies, Web2 applications are in my interests since I like to follow popular trends, and consumption behaviours

Foreign Languages

I love learning new languages. I want to learn Italian after that..



History is my main interest area.

  • Ancient times with esp. sacred texts of Middle East civilizations
  • Medieval European History, esp. XIV.Louis era
  • History of Turks, from Middle Asia to modern republican times.
  • For last two years I make studies about post World War I era, Middle East History.


Surrealist French Literature, esp poetry is my second main interest area.

I am writing poems and essays


World music, esp. gitanesque Balkan music

I am also a good listener of pop and rock

My Career Portfolio

Other Profiles

In Brief : A Territory & Dealer Management Career

Being majored in Economics, in Middle East Technical University ( ODTÜ - Ankara, Turkey), in 2003, I have been working as a Territory Manager in Agricultural Machinery Business. During my career, I had the chance of exploring almost all over the country, not only with its geography but also with the manner of local business, trade patterns, and social structure. Recently, I was responsible for building a 3S (sales-services and spare parts) network in North Marmara , achieving  sales goals for agricultural machinery, and competing with a wide range of firms trading in tractors and combine business in Turkey. My career path, therefore, made me competent in managing a territory business and a network of different culture and social levels with different business patterns under the hard conditions of high competition.

I had M.s degree in Business Administration from Maltepe University in 2008 with deeper studies in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) issues, especially in Customer Profiling and Knowledge Management.

Considering the high technology environment of today’s business, I had been included in different corporate projects of the firms that I had been working for, such as SAP Sales and CRM module conceptual design , E-Map applications for further market analyze and E-Business development for sales in agricultural machinery. I am accurate in utilization of Office software and presentation skills.

I have advanced comprehension and communication skills in English and French while Turkish is my mother tongue.

Having an analytical thinking, hard-working, target-oriented and sincere personality, I believe that I have enough enthusiasm for sales business and team work. 

My Articles and Paperworks


  • Solid Field Sales, Product Knowledge and Competition Experience in Agricultural Machinery, Tractor, Combine and Baler Business in Turkey
  • Field Sales, Business Development and Territory Management Experience in Marmara, Middle, North and East Anatolia, and Çukurova regions of Turkey.
  • Dealer Management, Dealer Development, Dealer Risk Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction, Management of Aftersales services
  • CRM and Customer Segmentation
  • Strong and pro-active communication  and negotiation skills
  • Experience in global team works
  • Corporate Culture and Values, Working experience in a multinational environment
  • Strong educational background
  • Wide range of personal interests
  • Comprehension and Presentation skills in Turkish, English and French.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Territory Sales Manager

Şahsuvaroğlu Tarım A.Ş

"Şahsuvaroğlu Tarım A.Ş is the Turkish distributor and licenced manufacturer of Same Deutz Fahr Group for Same, Deutz and Lamborghini tractor units. Company, recently signed a new contract with Goldoni Tractors for distributing orchard tractors in Turkey"


Territory Sales Manager of North Marmara (Trakya), Sakarya,Bolu,Karabük and Bartın regions

Reporting to Sales Coordinator


  • Management of 5 Sales Dealers with a 13 million TL turnover/year
  • Management of 2 Area Service Responsibles who are monitoring the aftersales facilities of 19 service points
  • Management of 4 Spare Part Dealers
  • Achievement of sales targets in tractor units, establishment of new dealers, dealer development and customer satisfaction
  • Keeping Key Customers on board, and acquiring new ones by providing suitable product solutions and price offers.
  • Dealer risk and financial management
  • Responsible from the sales trainings given to the dealers' salesman
  • Organizing marketing events in the territory such as Field Shows, Test Drives, local fairs.


  • Acquired 3 strong  dealers from competitors
  • Increased market share from 3% to 9%
  • Maintained satisfactory aftersales services and customer contacts.
Jul 2009Oct 2009

Dealer Sales Chief


"TIRSAN A.Ş, is a leading Turkish manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers with its own trade mark TIRSAN, and also Kaaesbohrer and Hendricks tankers and silobuses. Company is also Turkish distributor of DAF Trucks."


Dealer Sales Chief

Reporting to Dealer Sales Manager


  • Management of  truck and trailer dealers in Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep,and Burdur
  • Monitoring the sales operations of DAF-Tırsan, the sales company of TIRSAN A.Ş.
  • Sales planning,in cooperation with import and production departments.
  • Analyse and reports for top management about salesman performance and customer contacts
  • Preparing proposals, price offers, payment options and contracts for key customers
  • Fleet Sales
  • Organizing dealer events like Product Launchs, Meetings, Trainings etc.


  • Conducted a first-time market survey about local Transport Cooperatives in Bursa which carry a high sales potential for company products
Mar 2006Mar 2009

Territory Sales Manager

John Deere Makinaları Ltd. Şti.

"John Deere Makinaları Ltd. Şti, is the Turkish Sales Branch of Deere&Co, the world leader of Agricultural Machinery business."


Territory Sales Manager of Middle and North-East Anatolia

Reporting ot Sales Manager


  • Management of 10  3S Dealers (Sales, Service and Parts) with a 9 million USD turnover/year
  • Working in cooperation with 2 Area Service Managers for aftersale services and customer satisfaction
  • Achieving sales targets in tractor, combine and baler unit sales
  • Maintaining targeted Customer Satisfaction Level
  • Maintaining targeted Dealer Standards Level.
  • Salesman/customer presentations and trainings for +100 HP tractors which requires a deeper product and feature knowledge
  • Dealer risk and financial management
  • Keeping with JD Business Conduct Guidelines at all levels of business relations.
  • Organizing marketing events in the territory such as Field Shows, Test Drives, fairs, dealer meetings.

Project Works:

  • Market Anaylze and sales planning for John Deere conventional balers
  • Turkish ambassador for JD International Sales Process project
  • Market potential analyse for SPFH (Self Propelled Forage Harvester) units in Turkey
  • Product presentations in 50th Year Anniversary of JD Europe in Warsaw,Poland.
  • Satisfaction 1st, JD corporate customer satisfaction survey
  • Integration of Turkish Branch to global dealer standards


  • Uggraded 3 service points to A-level with all electronical qualifications and facilities
  • Increased market share in the territory from 1% to 5%
  • Launched 2 new Dealers with high motivation and sales performance
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction level to 90% (Source: JD Satisfaction 1st stats)
Sep 2003Mar 2006

Sales Area Responsible

New Holland Trakmak A.Ş.

"New Holland Trakmak A.Ş, (currently integrated with Türk Traktör A.Ş) is the distributor firm for New Holland Agricultural Machinery and locally leader in market share. The company is a joint venture of Koç Group and CNH."


Area Sales Responsible of Middle Anatolia and Blacksea Region

Reporting to Sales Manager

Started with a Koç Group Management Trainee position in sales, after a orientation in Marmara, Çukurova, Aegean and Middle Anatolia regions under the coaching of Territory Managers I am entitled as Area Sales Responsible in 2005.

  • Management of 20 dealers with a 40 million TL turnover/year
  • Management of 2 Area Service Responsibles who control about 50 service points
  • Management of 1 Parts Sales Responsible controlling 7 Parts Dealer.
  • Achieving sales targets for New Holland tractor, combine , Gallignani baler units
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction level.
  • Organizing marketing events in the territory like Field Shows, Test Drives, Fairs, dealer meetings , local product launchs, and factory customer visits.

Project Works:

  • Corporate CRM project, esp. in customer segmentation and knowledge management steps
  • Corporate E-Map Desk Guide project aiming to monitor market trends online
  • SAP installation, a member of Conceptual Design team for SD and CRM modules
  • Launch of Call-center and preparation of First Step Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Design works for Territory Reporting
Jun 2002Jul 2002

Domestic Sales Intern

Arçelik- LG Klima San. Tic. A.Ş.

Arçelik-LG Klima San. Tic. A.Ş. is manufacturer of Arçelik-LG branded airconditioners, a joint venture of Koç Group and LG Electronics."

I completed a one-month internship in Sales and Marketing Department, Domestic Markets division.

My program included:

  • Wholesales to marketing firms, Arçelik, Beko and Demirdöküm
  • Revisioned products sales, and customer relationships
  • Preparing Domestic Competition Analyse
Jun 2001Jul 2001

Export Markets Intern

Arçelik-LG Klima San. Tic. A.Ş

"Arçelik-LG Klima San. Tic. A.Ş. is manufacturer of Arçelik-LG branded airconditioners, a joint venture of Koç Group and LG Electronics."

I completed a one-month internship in Sales and Marketing Department, Export Markets division.

My program included:

  • Export Documentation
  • Communication with vendors abroad ( esp. Balkan countries)
  • Preparing market analysis




Maltepe Universitesi

M.s in Business Administration (MBA)

Cum GPA: 3.35/4

Graduation Thesis: Knowledge Management in Customer Segmentation


Mother Tongue
Institution: Institute of French Language and Culture, Ankara (Institut Français d'Ankara) (2000-2002)   Advanced written and oral comprehension and presentation skills Certified by Diplome Approfondi de Langue Francaise ( DALF)
Excellent written and oral presentation and comprehension skills
SD and CRM modules   I took part in conceptual design of SAP integration in New Holland Trakmak A.Ş. as project member of SD and CRM teams.
MS Office Tools
Word, Excel,Powerpoint,Outlook

My Projects