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Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Systems Engineer

Interpro, Inc.

System Engineer for Final System Acceptance Test-2 team at client Thales IFEC. Responsible for systems design, integration, verification, troubleshooting and validation.

oActively participate in technical and long-range goals.Lead the effort in development of the System Test environment from definition to implementation.

oValidate compliance with customer requirements documenting any deviations. Develop System Declaration Procedure to record customer compliance and plans for future enhancements.

oCreate Final System Acceptance test plans to ensure all system and customer requirements are met.

oCreate Engineering Investigation Reports using the IBM - Rational Clear Quest. Track defects recording them in the Open Item list.

oCreate and participate in developing new test modules and enhancements to existing modules.

oPerform regression tests of system changes to promptly detect and eliminate resulting defects. Investigate issues and gather necessary information for a solution.

oCommunicating with cross functional teams to resolve issues and assign responsibilities.

o     Collaborate in developing service bulletins to resolve and avoid in-service issues.

Jan 2009Oct 2010

Senior Software Engineer

Altair Technologies Private Limited

Managed the low level optimization team. Additional responsibilities included testing, debugging and generating custom test cases.

Real-Time H.264 Decoder Research Project: Development of real time implementation of H.264 for Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture, the SOC used for this project was TMS320DM6467 DaVinci platform.

oAdapted to a variety of new technologies and tools for development on TMS320DM6467 DaVinci platform.

oManaged porting of H.264 code to the heterogeneous TMS320DM6467 DaVinci platform. Coordinated optimization, exploited the VLIW architecture of Davinci's DSP to write assembly for cycle intensive functions. Conducted testing and debugging for conformance using standard and custom test cases.

oDevelopment done on Windows, Linux and embedded Linux. Code Composer Studio 3 used on windows.  

Achievements: Promoted to manage the low level optimization team.

Aug 2005Dec 2008

Software Engineer

Altair Technologies Private Limited

Drove code optimization for cycle-intensive functions via code rewrites in Assembly, with C as a development base in both Windows and Linux environments. Created decoder test sequences. Conducted compliance testing. Performed memory leak tests in Valgrind, and profiling using Callgrind and Microsoft Visual Studio 6. Provided video conversion and editing support for other teams.

Paper Research Proposal Grant (2008): Researched to produce a proposal for a development grant.

oThe paper evaluated the grant required for research implementation of H.264 decoder for multi-core heterogeneous architectures.

Achievements: Key contributor to the proposal that secured a two year grant for research and development.

Microsoft Video Codec Technology VC-1 (2008): Analyzing and enhancing an open source project for self study and professional growth.

oResearch and analysis of Video Codec 1(VC-1) video coding tools in order to modify open-source code.

Achievements: Code modified to comply with SMPTE 421M video codec standards.

AVIEON, Multimedia Signal Processor (2007-2008):  Development for Neuron MSP which introduces the revolutionary design of Same Instruction Different Operation.

oCoordinated port of H.264 code to an ARM core on a Faraday board.

oCode development for MSP ensuring low-level optimization, temporal prediction optimization, and code flow restructuring. Wrote code modules for Direct Memory Access.

Achievements: Custom test case Development: Improved codec testing, cut testing time, and achieved faster issue resolution through custom test cases targeting different aspects of the decoder.

H.264 BREW Mobile (2007): Video decoding application on BREW.

oDevelopment of an application to display video on the BREW application development platform created by QUALCOMM.

Achievements: Porting of H.264 decoder to BREW.

H.264 Video Codec, Joint Video Team (2006-2007): H.264 video codec: proprietary algorithms and technique bring video quality and compression unparallel to any previous video compression standard.

oEnabled exploitation of data caching via optimization of data structures and code flow.

oUsed the Intel SIMD instruction set for optimized implementations of IDCT, spatial and temporal compensations.


o30% performance gain: Gained recognition from the CEO for improving program performance by 30%.

oAutomated Testing: Facilitated debugging during code changes and reduced time to resolve issues by testing the decoder via batch files and reporting information on failed conformances in test video sequences.

H.264 Media Works (2005-2006): MW301 processor, a 4-core processor with SIMD architecture.

oParticipated in the H.264 optimization for Media Works.

Achievements: Optimized the temporal prediction modules using the MW301 SIMD instructions.

MPEG4 Media Works (2005): MW301 processor, a 4-core processor with SIMD architecture.

oMPEG4 video decoder optimizations for Media Works.

Achievements: Optimized the temporal prediction modules using the MW301 SIMD instructions.


System Engineer
Operating Systems
Windows, Linux, embedded Linux.
TI DaVinci™ Digital Video Processor, Intel Pentium 4, MW301, AVIEON SOC.  
Assembly Programming
Core Java


Manga, Reading about technology, Sight seeing, Collecting Coins, Fine Cuisine.


Solomin Seifu

I was his student in the Software Testing course.

To arrange a phone conversation, it is imperative that he is emailed in advance.

Faisal Abdullah

Busy schedule and the time difference makes it tricky to set up a phone conversation. However this can be done if required by contacting him well in advance.

Imran Bajwa

I had the pleasure to work as his colleague when he was at Altair Technologies.

M.Tahir Awan

I was his immediate subordinate while he was working as Manager-Multimedia Group at Altair Technologies.

It is a little tricky to arrange a telephonic conversation due to his busy schedule and the time difference. This can be done if he is informed well in advance.

Adventure and Me

Educational Courses Taken

Software Testing · Data Structures and Algorithms · Theory of Automata · Algorithm Analysis and Design · Computer Security · Object Oriented Programming · Database Systems · Operating Systems · Computer Architecture · Digital Image Processing · Computer Graphics and HCI · Computer Networks · Bioinformatics · Parallel and Distributed Computing · Software Engineering · Computer Organization and Assembly Language · Artificial Intelligence






Soccer, Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball, Tennis and DOTA.


Highly skilled in software development and systems engineering, with 7+ years of experience driving development and optimization for media purposes. Talented at identifying deficiencies in performance and pinpointing areas for improvement. Experienced in numerous programming languages and code-bases across multiple platforms. Strong problem solver able to deliver swift solutions and guide forward momentum on project progress. Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and assimilate new technologies and ideas to existing environments.


IDE: Code Composer Studio 3, Visual Studio 6, KDevelop, Eclipse, Netbeans.

Testing: Valgrind, Marathon, EclEmma Code Coverage, JUnit, Callgrind, KCachegrind. 

Editors: UltraEdit, Source Insight.

Multimedia Tools: graphEdit,FFMPEG, WinFF, MPlayer, MEncoder, VirtualDub, Avidemux, mp3Gain.

Defect Tracking: Bugzilla, IBM Clear Quest, JIRA

Version Control: tortoiseSVN.

Web: JSF, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Databases: MySQL.

Product life-cycle Management: Teamcenter

Others: Elecard StreamEye Studio


System Acceptance Testing · Embedded Systems Design & Development · Project Engineering

Software Development · Team Building · Code Optimization · Test Sequence Development

Code Flow Restructuring · Cross-Platform Development · Compliance Documentation

Compliance Testing · Troubleshooting · Communication · Process Improvements