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  • Enterprise Collaboration Platforms: Development, Customisations, Bespoke Plugins, Administration, Management, Support
  • Agile CRM
  • Collaboration tools for agile SW Teams: Configuration, Development, Support
  • Customer Service: Implement, Improve and Manage Customer Experience
  • Communication Software Engineering including planning, design, integration and optimization of 2/2.5G and 3G embedded communication systems.
  • GSM/GPRS/UMTS protocol stack software analysis, design, development, implementation and testing
  • GSM/GPRS/UMTS network simulation environment design, development and implementation
  • Project Management


My passion is to connect people.

... To design, create and offer collaboration platforms such as Confluence that are useful, usable, purposeful and profitable. ... To enable people, communities and organizations to share their passions, projects and lives with excitement.

And to make those platforms tick, scale and work reliably in the information eco-system.


J2EE Product and Development Conferences, Demos, Q&A Internal Trainer  J2EE Web Applications Service Design for Customer Care Process, Customer Experience Enhancements Expert Problem Solving Skills Technical recruiting fairs, interviews and presentations Internship research projects for students and graduates  
Software Skills
  Java, J2EE related Technologies: Spring, Webwork, Velocity, Hibernate, JDBC, REST, Oauth, OSGi Web Application Plugin Frameworks Web Front End Technologies (CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JS) Web Application Testing Frameworks (Cucumber, HTMLUnit, jWebUnit)  Applied Cloud Computing in Amazon Web Services / EC2 Web Application Servers (Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere, Apache) Databases (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, OracleXE, HSQL) Services (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, Crowd, Amazon AWS/EC2) CRM (Subversion, CVS, Perforce, Clearcase, Maven, Ant) Analysis/Troubleshooting (Wireshark, Java EE diagnostic tools) Expert knowledge in C Target and Windows (VisualC) development environments SDL/Telelogic Tau and UML S/W object oriented design tools Target and PC debuggers OS: Linux, Windows, Real Time Operating Systems  
Project Management
Consultancy, Customisations, Bespoke Projects Mobile phone Project Management including delivery, release and internal support management Evaluation, analysis and purchase of UMTS system test equipment and Protocol Software
Software Engineering
J2EE: Backend/Frontend development for Web Applications, Features and Plugins Agile tools and processes Continuous Integration SCM (Subversion, CVS, Perforce, Clearcase, Mercurial) Embedded system software (S/W) analysis, design, development, implementation and testing OO design tools and methods CPU and DSP S/W Integration on Embedded Systems DSP and assembler programming and testing Algorithm optimization
Java Web Applications
  Java, J2EE and related technologies Applied Cloud Computing in Amazon Web Services / EC2 Web Application servers (Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere, Apache) Databases (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, OracleXE, HSQL) Services (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, Crowd, Amazon AWS/EC2) Analysis/Troubleshooting (Wireshark, Heap/Thread Dump tools)  


Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Senior Java Developer / Consultant

Adaptavist Ltd


  • Bespoke project management
  • Agile approach
  • In detail knowledge of J2EE Web Application Technologies
  • Practical Web Front End development


  • Bespoke Development, Consultancy
  • Improve agile software development cycle
  • J2EE Web Applications (issue tracker) integration with accounting system and  shop front
  • License Management development and integration
  • Google Gadgets for J2EE Web Applications
  • Continuous Integraton Server optimisation, maintenance, AWS cloud deployment
Dec 2007Jun 2010

Technical Support Engineer Web2.0 Applications


  • Substantial knowledge in developing, managing, configuring and supporting Java based Web 2.0 Enterprise Collaboration Applications and Continuous Integration Server with AWS Cloud Integration 
  • Agile Process Model (Scrum) and Tools (Jira GreenhHopper, Fisheye, Crucible, Clover)
  • Practical knowledge in J2EE platform components such as Servlet Containers (Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty), Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQL) and J2EE frameworks (Spring, Xwork, Webwork, Velocity, Hibernate, JDBC, JUnit, JMock, JWebUnit )
  • Develop and implement Service Designs for enhanced user experience and support processes
  • Developing features and plugins, bugfixing for Atlassian J2EE applications including Plugins for CI server (Bamboo), Bug Tracker (Jira) and Enterprise Wiki (Confluence) using Plugin Development Toolkit, Maven and Ant
  • Application Quality Assurance with JUnit and Acceptance/Integration Testing
  • Management, customization, configuration and support for enterprise collaboration platforms Confluence, Jira, Bamboo (CI server) for Atlassian’s 10000+ customers
  • Configuration, Development and Support for Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS/EC2) for scalable CI server infrastructure
  • Reproduction of customer environments and scenarios including server virtualizations
  • Analysis, re-design and improvements to customer support service using service design principles leading to better customer experience and satisfaction
  • Customer focused product planning
  • Implement and deliver customer centered product features
  • Installation, development and maintenance of Collaboration, Identity Management and Continuous Integration Servers
  • Internal Mentorship and Training for growing tools team
Jan 2001Sep 2005

3G Software Engineer

Agere Systems


  • Application of profound knowledge in UMTS network, air interface and protocol stack including Layer 1/2/3 leading to mature and competitive UMTS user equipment
  • Early stage 3G PS testing through H/W abstraction and simulation 


  • Analysis, design, integration and optimization of 2/2.5G and 3G communication S/W
  • -  Specification, design, implementation, development and test of Layer 1 S/W for UMTS user equipment
  • S/W development and optimization in UMTS Access and Non Access Stratum network and user equipment using OO design methods and tools
  • Evaluation, integration and adaptation of 3rd party UMTS PS
  • Design, development and implementation of a virtual test environment for conformance test and verification of GSM/GPRS/UMTS PS and DSP S/W including full GSM/GPRS/UMTS network simulation
  • Develop automated regression testing environment using shell scripting and Perl
  • Design, specification and implementation of PC based simulated UMTS Layer 1 H/W and virtual air interface to UTRAN network simulation
  • Requirement specification and evaluation of UMTS user equipment test systems
  • 3G TTCN based protocol and system conformance tests according to ETSI standards
  • User equipment field and interoperability tests
Dec 1997Jan 2001

GSM/GPRS Software Engineer

Optimay/Agere Systems


  • Application of profound knowledge of GSM/GPRS protocol stack and air interface
  • Project management: managing customer requirements, internal development resources and support


  • GSM/GPRS handset project management
  • Customer support and related development of User Interface, T9, WAP, SIM/SIM toolkit and MMI modules
  • Specification, design, implementation and test of interfaces and S/W in GSM/GPRS Layer 1
  • Design, implementation of simulated H/W functionality for GPRS multislot and AMR speech functionality in a virtual system test environment for PS conformance test according to ETSI standards
  • Adaptation and integration of complete DSP S/W into virtual GSM/GPRS system test environment
  • Supervise graduate student projects on battery management, and field test scenario to virtual test conversion.
Jan 1996Jul 1996

DSP Software Graduate Internship

Ensigma Ltd


  • DSP programming of speech and audio codecs
  • Algorithm optimization
  • Speech and audio codec research
  • System integration for mobile communication, speech recording, monitoring, storage


  • Implementation and testing of GSM Full Rate/Half Rate Speech Codec 3GPP TS 06.10 on Unix and DSP platform
  • G.726 ADPCM Speech Codec implementation on OAK DSP
  • Conduct Codec conformance tests in Oak DSP and UNIX based simulation environment according to ETSI specifications


Dec 2007Present

Sun Microsystems

Java SE Developer Training

Sep 2008Present

Mar 2009Present



Technische Universität Dresden
  • Electrical Engineering specializing in communication technology, speech recognition/ synthesis and acoustics
  • Final result: distinction