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Alex Smith


In need of a UK Lie Detector Test/Pollygraph Test? Or wondering why you would need our services.Local business and companies may use a lie detector test as a part of their interviewing for a potential employee. A polygraph test at interview will allow the employer to investigate the suitability of the candidate to the new occupation they wish to enter into.An employer can rest assured that they have hired the right person for the job, without a shadow of doubt.A lie detector test is carried out with the help of polygraph, or a lie detector.In order to find out whether the subject is telling the truth, or if he/she has any information that is vital to the case, the device measures three physiological indicators: blood pressure/heart rate, respiration, and skin conductivity.Blood pressure and heart rate are measured by attaching a blood pressure cuff to the subject's arm, while respiration is measured with the help of respirometer, which is attached to the subject's chest.Skin conductivity is recorded by attaching the electrodes to the subject's fingertips.The three body reactions play an imperative part of gaining the results from a lie detector test.Our examiners undertake specialist training in order to be able to use the equiptment effectively and understand how the tests work. Call (0203) 633 3702 for more information.