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About Me

I'm Miss.Noora AbdulGhafoor , born on the 10th of March 1995 , Afghanistani by nationality  but was born and raised in Saudi Arabia .

I finished my basic education up to high school in Saudi Arabia and looking forward to major in Medical field . There're many reasons for why I had selected the medical field , some of the major ones were the fact that it helps people and give the opportunity to save lives which is very amazing offer for me .

Hopefully we could discuss further about the reasons for my choices in the interview.

My Education

Aug 2013Jun 2014

High School Baccalaureate

The 86th Secondary school - Jeddah

High School gradute 

Achievement test : 84%

GAT  : 72%

General Accumulative Average : 95.21


Quran Memorization

Prince Thamer Al-Suad's Moms Madrassa

Memorized the Whole Holy Quran with Tajweed

Feb 2015Jun 2015

Language Course

Berlitz Academy - Jeddah

All five levels available for the English language .