Susannah Enkema

Susannah Enkema

Strategic Planner

  • Knoxville TN

Experienced agency side insight leader, skilled ethnographer and facilitator, comfortable with moving at the speed of business.  Passionate about uncovering insights and connecting the dots to tell consumer stories. Dedicated to setting and exceeding client expectations.  

Work experience
Work experience
2013 - Present
SE Consulting

Collect, analyze and interpret data for clients in a wide range of categories from television to CPG. Collaborated with client and agency teams to design and execute research that solves clients' key challenges. Present data in exciting and informative formats ranging from written reports, graphic presentations to experiential installations.

2014 - Present
TechRide, LLC

Co-created the flagship leadership training courses with my partners, leading the effort to re-brand and revamp the company and its offerings. Co-facilitate off-site experimental leadership training programs for multinational corporations.

2000 - 2013
Vice President, Strategic Planning and New Business
U30 Group, Inc.

Designed and lead the execution of multi-phased research projects from new business pitch to final presentation. Managed and mentored junior research staff. Used a different methodologies and data sources to triangulate key insights that move brands forward. Collaborated with clients to deliver insights in non-traditonal formats that create storytelling experiences and not just data reports. Clients included Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Starbucks, Kraft, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, The Travel Channel.

Director, Qualitative Research

Leveraged a wide range of consumer research methods by applying ordinary technology in innovative ways. Ethnographies, in-depth interviews, focus group moderation, ideation facilitation, online surveys, online forums, video diaries, day-in-the-life methods, mobile journals, deprivations, photo journals were all used to bring consumers and their relationships to brands to life. Clients included MTV, Sega, ATT, Sprint, Jockey International, Pizza Hut, Wrigley, Burger King, HGTV, Food Network, and Hanes.

Manager, Consumer Panels

Created and managed a Panel of 500+ premium beer drinkers for the makers of Sam Adams.  Projects included surveys, focus groups, and new product development. 

1994 - 1998
Head Coach, Women's Rowing
The University of Tennessee

Launched the Division 1 Women's Rowing program at the University of Tennessee.  Competed in the inaugural NCAA Championships for Women's Rowing. Created the first Southeast Regional Invitational. Hired and managed staff, participated in facility planning, managed the budget and scholarships, purchased the fleet, participated in fund raising, headed the recruiting, developed the range of policies and procedures for athletes and staff.

Project |01 Harnessing Geofencing

A telecommunications client and its technology partner needed to understand the appeal of advertising offers pushed to cell-phones and triggered by geo-fences.   Geo-fencing allows for a variable radius of reach, from the store floor to miles around, pinging participants with offers and information at a variable frequency.  Consumer insights gained through a month-long trial helped establish the optimal nature and frequency of messages and offers, and explored the consumer acceptance of this kind of mobile advertising.

Project |02 Watching the Watchers

A cable television client needed to understand what was actually happening in the room when TV was being watched and better understand who was watching and for what reasons.  An unobtrusive and unorthodox method allowed for the dimentionalization of market segments that went beyond demographics into psychographics.  Ultimately informing marketing efforts ranging from programming to partnerships.

Project |03 The Global Brain

A large global consumer packaged good company wanted to see farther into the future to develop strategies that filled the new product pipeline.   Creative thinkers from around the globe were invited to participate in an asynchronous conversation exploring possible future global trends and the impact these trends have on consumer sentiment. 


  • University of Tennessee, M.S. Cultural Studies
  • Unversity of Tennessee, B.A. Policial Science
  • Unversity of Social Sciences, Grenoble, France, Georgetown University ISEP Program


  • Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Qualitative Research
  • Presentation
  • Strategic Planning