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I have great listing skills. You only have to show me once for me to understand how to do it. I'm not embarrassed to state my opinion on relevant topics. I like to work with people and make new friends. I understand that there will be some situations that I won't be able to handle on my own, and I'm not afraid to ask for help.

Work experience



I work with children that have special needs, and just like Riverbank Youth League, I help teach the children the basics of basketball, but we teach them using different coaching techniques. We use more thorough examples, and specific details. Because the kids have such a great time and are so enthusiastic, that makes coaching them worth every single second!


Riverbank Youth Leauge

I help kids (Grades 1-8) learn the fundamentals of basketball. It's all volunteer work, and the program is every Saturday for six week. On the last week of the program, my assistant coaches and I like to get our team some doughnuts for all their hard work and dedication.


Aug 2013May 2017

Riverbank High School