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My interests include reading, weightlifting, outdoor recreational activities, cooking and political science.


A dedicated and highly energetic person who thrives in pressure situations and can be counted on when the going gets tough. Skilled in Network Administration, Network Security, File Servers, Database Servers, and Workstations and other related systems. Takes pride in providing creative direction and out of the box thinking. Enjoys complex, multi faceted assignments where pulling together a collaborative pool of skills is essential. Fosters a lively and professional work environment and values commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service.

Work experience


Senior Production Support Analyst/ Supervisor


·        Maintained and managed application and production environments for performance, reliability, and stability during daily operations, application code releases, systems software releases, security patch releases, andservice pack releases.

·Supervised a team of 5 Production Support Analysts to be the first response to all issues, maximizing Production/Application uptime and meeting Service Level Agreement (SLA) goals.

·      Wrote shell scripts to monitor daemons and process activities, these scripts sent out pager alerts and emails based on predetermined production conditions.

·Wrote SQL (Oracle 10g) embedded shell scripts to process records on the database.

·       Maintained perl and ksh scripts that monitored daily processing.

·Supported Java based Weblogic servers and processes. Mapping and Architecture.

·Directed on-call critical production and application outages. Analyzed and provided corrective action for program problems and established orderly maintenance procedures for routine (daily, weekly, or monthly) application and system tasks.

·Provided technical assistance to other application support teams to ensure systems and applications run per contract requirements with our clients Sprint and AT&T.

·Read, analyzed, and diagnosed errors generated in debug logs, systems error logs, etc.Established corrective actions to resolve issuesbased on analysis and provided alerts/notifications to customer service, support personnel, and management.


Production Support Supervisor/Environment Manager (Contractual)


·      Managed the day to day operations of the production environment and the production support team for a 24x7 operation.

·      Provided troubleshooting and resolution for realtime Unix production, systems, and application problems during outages and other production related issues as needed.Consistently maintaining and supporting the applications functionality through new releases. 

·I was project manager for new application relaeases, application upgrades, and data conversions.

·Worked closely with internal and external departments. Provided technical assistance to application programmers and/or DBAs to ensure systems and applications run per standards and requirements (i.e. OS standards, schedule release requirements, monitor system utilization, etc.).

·My team was responsible for writing system tools, production alerts, and maintaining perl and shell scripts.

·Setup logical and physical system architecture and application flow charts for the production environment..Implemented/updated theproduction schedules based on the day to day issues or the production requirements.Hired and trained new staff .

·Setup the on-call production support system based on the business needs..Analyzed and provided corrective action for program problems and established orderly maintenance procedures for systems.


Technical Support Lead Supervisor/ Data Center Management

·Lead Supervisor for 30 supervisors and 500 Tier 2 & 3 Technical Support agents in a 24x7 Data/CallCenter Operation.

·Developed and managed processes, procedures, and resource allocation required for effective IT operations, including the following: problem resolution response; moves, adds, and changes; and information security audit activities

·Work with Tier II and Tier III personnel to effectively manage cross-departmental activities, including: work order (trouble ticket and service request) acceptance and escalations; IT project implementations; and vendor, contract, and asset management functions

·Work with Tier III personnel to manage training and development plans for Tier II staff

·Responsible in providing ongoing training and coaching through call monitoring and analysis of employee call center data.

·Set learning timelines for all new information, new product testing, and new quality assurance components.

·Collaborated with the IT Operations department on training portal updates and software upgrades

·Liaison between IT Department, Project Management Staff, & Call Center Floor Operations.

·Managed development of internal employee knowledge base and external web-based technical support resources.



Mr. Moonies Professioanl IT and Network Services
  • Operated and managed all aspects of IT Business 
  • Setup Networks for Home & Businesses.
  • Analyzed and repaired PC software/ hardware issues.
  • Installed software, hardware, patches, and OS upgrades.
  • Installed and configured VERITAS net backup servers and clients (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows 2000)
  • Managed and Monitored backups and restores with backup. 
  • Configured net backup clients as needed. 
  • Rack & setup new servers. Compaq DL380s, RISC 6000, Sun Enterprise 450s.  Install needed applications on the servers; fixed 90% of the Tivoli tickets for UNIX or Window servers. 
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues locally and/or remotely.
  • Provided phone support for internal customers with software, hardware, and/or network problems. 
  • Wrote shell scripts to automate some of the daily tasks.



Bachelors of Science

Devry University


Technical and Customer Focused Expertise
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP (workstation & server),  Windows Vista/XP/2000/, MS-DOS, and UNIX MS Word, Ms Excel, Outlook,Access Extensive knowledge about Active Directory, proxy, firewalls, routers, ACL, subnetting,      Quick learner with ability to translate complex ideas and processes into technical facts or persuasive non technical presentation. Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize workload  Attention to detail and precision, solid work ethics concerning meeting deadlines and reliability. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills