Shane Biagiarelli


Work experience

Work experience


Sep 2015 - Present
Mahans Lakeview Fine Catering

working on the wait staff to cater weddings, clearing and serving food and keeping the customers happy

Kaynor Dinning room 

Dec 2013 - Present
Kaynor Technical Highschool

help work and manage the Kaynor Dinning room 



Trade - Culinary arts

Sep 2013 - Present
Kaynor Technical High School 

Learn a High School education as well as work in our picked trade to further our skills in the field. 



Positive Attitude 

stays positive throughout the workday, keeping up the same pace through the day 

Team Worker 

always willing to work with another so as to get things done quickly 


will always strive to arrive on time and make it first priority 

Willing to learn 

will willingly be educated and taught new jobs so as to be able to complete tasks efficiently 


able to juggle multiple small assignments at once and complete them in an efficient order 

Hard Working 

will only take days off when it is necessary such as sickness or emergency and work to best of ability when at work 

Computer Skills 

Able to work any computer upfront and control its interfaces


Willing to fill in for others and will accept work willingly and do best to satisfy that assignment. 

Customer Service 

able to effectively talk to and satisfy a customer