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Alok Kumar

Development Engineer, Pramati Technologies


As a software engineer  i am having valuable experience in defining, designing, implementing, and maintaining MVC based single page front-end web applications. In addition to industry and technical experience, I am also experiencing working in geographically distributed development teams. I worked on front end technologies such as object-oriented JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON,HTML5, CSS3 and Handlebars.js templating engine. Moreover i am having hands-on development experience on JavaScript MVC frameworks such as  Backbone.js and AngularJS with modular programming using RequireJS. I am also acquainted with javaScript unit testing frameworks like Jasmine and functional testing framework- Selenium. I am familiar with version control softwares such as accurev and Tortoise SVN and project tracking tools such as JIRA.I also have a fair understanding of the finance domain.

Technical Skills

C++ ,Javascript ,Data Structures and Algorithms
HTML5,CSS3,Jquery,UnderscoreJS,RequireJS,D3.js, BackboneJS,AngularJS,
jasmine,Mocha,Chai,Sinon,Selenium, MongoDB

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Development Engineer

Pramati Technologies Private Limited

Project 3: SMART-LSS & Progen

I Worked on creating admin module using angular web  framework .The module had manage skills,manage branches and manage exceptions as components.These components had their separate controllers,services and mock ups . Controllers used scope object to assign functionality to html elements and create service calls using factory methods.

Manage skills page help users  to assign certain skills to the users. similarly manage branches and exceptions allow user to assign certain details and display them to the main admin page. We created technical designs and developed reusable components. We formalized development standards and best practices to streamline development and increase productivity. 

Technologies used were javascript,jquery, css3, Angularjs ,javascript  bootstraps.

Jul 2013Dec 2014

Associate Technology


Project 1: Omgeo Alert-UI Implementation Project 

I worked on creating online global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSI) once the trade has been finalized at the electronic exchange.These settlement instructions were used by the custodians,investment managers, brokers/dealers and custodian banks to share accurate account and SSI automatically worldwide for records.We created single page web application using backbone web  framework  which allow user to save,edit and create different settlement instructions(usually forms) and send it to admin for approval. Moreover it has alert functionality which alerts the investment managers for any changes.

Technology used were: HTML5, CSS3, object oriented Javascript, Jquery, D3.js, Backbone,require,jasmine.

Project 2: Desktop Web Application
I worked on creating  single page web application using Backbone web framework. It allowed user to visualize run time information and display them using d3 charts. D3 helped  us bringing data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives us the full capabilities of modern browsers combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation.

Technology used were – HTML5,css3,require,BackboneJS, underscore, jQuery,d3.js




B.Tech in Electrical Engineering