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Udhayakumar Sundaresan

Senior Software Engineer at Entrayn Education Technologies (P) Ltd.


Software Engineer with close to 5 years of experience on architecture and developing application which handles gigabytes of user data. Developed advertisement serving engines to participate in real-time bids. Gained development and operational expertise on Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Work History

Mar 2014present

Senior Software Engineer

Entrayn Education Technologies (P) Ltd.
  • Architect and migrated back end to Django and Co-Ordinated the development team.
  • Played a lead role in all stage of software development redesigning the product to the requirements of test prep market.
  • Implemented ‘GRE Test prep Math & verbal’ cordova hybrid app's backend which serves questions based on learners strength and weakness which is calculated based on his previous attempts simulating adaptive learning.
  • Created recommendation engine which automatically generates a report on users performance and actions user need to take further and scaled the platform to handle 1000 reports per minute.
  • Created content management backend for all the learning materials using elasticsearch, memcache.
  • Assembled an in-house data capturing and analytics platform using Elasticsearch, logstash and Kibana. 
  • Created platform architecture and migration plan to move towards micro services from monolithic app.
Nov 2012Aug 2013

Software Engineer

Reducedata ( Acquired by Snapdeal, India )

Charged with design and development of various components of product stack, that serves bid-request at sub-milliseconds spanned across multiple data center.

  • Supply Side Platform (SSP) Integration - Created campaign synchronization and integration of Google AdExchange and MoPub to RTB platform.
  • Created modules for Ad campaign creation and management using Apache Cassandra database at backend. Designed Apache HBase tables for analyzing the live traffic data of Ad Campaigns.
  • Campaign action recommendation - Designed and created Recommendation module, which monitors live Ad Campaign’s multiple parameters like Daily budget, Total budget and takes/suggest actions based on user-configured conditions. It uses Akka ( Actor System ) to span workers and distribute the workload on HBase cluster.
  • Real-Time Bid Computation Engine - part of Design and Implementation of Real-Time Bid Computation Engine using Real-Time performance data of ad campaign.
  • High Performance and Low Latency DSP Ad Server - High Performance, High Availability and Low Latency (< 1ms internal processing time) DSP Ad Server using Java 7, JBoss Netty, Java Springs, REST Express,  CQengine, Guava cache, Google protobuf and Apache Kafka
  • Audience Targeting - Audience Targeting Feature integrated with various Audience data providers (Semcasting, Bluekai)
  • Real-time Analytics - Real-Time Data Processing and Analytics using Zookeeper quorum, Distributed Kafka, Distributed HBase and Multiple Reporters (distributed data processing system)
  • Cross Platform Retargeting -  Automatically retarget users across Mobile apps, mobile games and online websites.


Apache HBase

Designed row-keys for more than twenty HBase tables and redesigned them upon requirement changes and migrated data from one cluster to another using pure Map-reduce. Planned capacity and handled scaling from three node cluster to twenty node cluster in different stages. 


Created several ad campaigns data and synced them across multiple data center and CDN's to serve ads at the different geographic region. Integrated campaign sync with DoubleClick Ad Exchange ( Google ).

Core Java

Designed and Implemented several chained map-reduce jobs to perform large-scale analytics.

Implemented k-Means Clustering on top of HBase. Designed message processing pipeline using Kafka, and HBase.


Implemented most of the Entrayn product backend in Django.

Designed web scrappers to crawl web site and store it's content in HBase.


Used for Coding competition in Top Coder and SPOJ.

Created  atomic structure visualizer using graphics.h in High school.


Dec 2015Present

Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop, License: 100-014-810


Individuals who have demonstrated their technical knowledge, skill, and ability to write, maintain, and optimize Apache Hadoop Java MapReduce development projects.


Sep 2008Apr 2012

Bachelor of Technology - Information Technology

Prathyusha Institute of technology and Management  

Affiliated to Anna University.

Graduated with First class, with 7.81 CGPA.