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  • 4.9 years of experience in Design & Development for SARAS Aircraft, Airbus A350-1000 & A350- Landing Gear.
  • Good Knowledge in Commercial Aircraft Structures , Materials Strength & Properties Design criteria, Process & Fasteners.

  • Skills in CAD / CAM tools like CATIA V5 R 20, AUTOCAD.

  • Worked on Enovia and PDM tools from Airbus.

  • Worked on Modelling, Drafting, Assembly, Loft Generation.

  • Knowledge on GD&T basics.

Work experience

Design Engineer


Project: Boeing - Should Costing
Duration: Jan 2016 to Till now
Designation: Design Engineer

  • Creation data capture sheet for Machined, Sheet Metal and extrusion parts.
  • Updating SEER to get Total Manufacturing Cost of individual parts.

Apr 2013Present

Design Engineer


Project: LANDING GEAR- Airbus A350 XWB -1000 Landing Gear
Duration: April 2015 to Jan 2016
Designation: Design Engineer

  • Creation of design for manufacturing drawings for A350-Landing gear.
  • Writing installation notes for the design for manufacturing drawings.
  • Doing picture drawing for certain design solution to provide clear picture which is difficult to show in orthographic.
  • Providing instruction procedure to the design solution, how it is installed & providing torque tightening values and where all grease should be applied.
  • Referring interface drawings for material used and check whether parts are supplied by the vendor or Airbus only.
  • Providing grease calculation for axle sleeve, cross bolts, split pin, nuts etc.
  • Providing clearance between up lock hook and roller during vibration and retraction of gear.
  • Done installation notes for uplock rigging, by adjusting Main strut
    Strut A and Strut B. Measuring the distance between tyre and bay when gear is in retraction position.

Project: LANDING GEAR- Airbus A330 NEO - Nose Landing Gear

  • Checking the clearance between uplock hook and roller, when the roller is in both open and closed position using kinematic simulation.
  • Checking any other parts effecting during retraction operation.

Project: LANDING GEAR- Airbus A380 Hoses Task

  • Due to Kevlar material around the hoses, during retraction hoses will bend and Kevlar material will damage the hoses.
  • Changing the material around hoses from KEVLAR to CRES and providing the SWIVEL hoses point.
  • SWIVEL will rotate and help the hoses to hogg during unlock of side stay
  • Changing the drawing and bill of material where it is affected.
Aug 2013Present

Design Engineer


Project: FIXED BRACKET DESIGN- Airbus A350 XWB -1000 Section 15 Fixed Brackets Design
Duration: March 2014 to January 2015.

  • Solid/Surface modeling of the Fixed Bracket DFM parts based on Proposal part and Airbus Standards.
  • Volumetric Search carried out before designing parts for clearance & clash checks.
  • Stress Zone Checking was done before designing any part.
  • Designing of Fixed Bracket for Batch 2 and Batch 3 activities as per Airbus Standard for section 15.
  • Cross verifying the fixed bracket in detail and in installation level for positioning.
  • Design System Brackets on Sheet-Metal workbench and Part Design (GFRP/FRP/CFRP) brackets as per inputs provided by client and Sticky Brackets installation drawing creation as per Airbus standard.
  • Generation of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) drawings, BOM and ECN as per Airbus Standard.
  • Creation of STD file (Fastener File) by selecting the appropriate fasteners.
  • Creation of Installation drawings listing the fasteners using 2D symbol.
  • Creation of Fixed Bracket Design Solutions.
  • PDM Launch is carried out in PDM link SSCI for Drawset release.

Project: PASSENGER DOOR SURROUNDING- Airbus A350 XWB -900 Passenger Door Surrounding (PDS)
Duration: September 2013 to Feb 2015.

  • Creating Installation drawings Passenger Door surrounding structures.
  • Working on wind chill PDM for BOM creation and CAD part linking.
  • Optimization of PDS part.
  • Generation of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) drawings, BOM and ECN as per Airbus Standard.
Mar 2011Aug 2013

Junior Engineer


Project: SARAS 14 seater multi role twin propeller aircraft.
Duration: March 2011 to August 2013
Designation: Junior Engineer

  • Modeling of Aircraft Components Using NMG.
    Project description : Converting 2D drawings into 3D models using both solid and surface based design. The models are created at its specific location with respect to the aircraft axis using corresponding contour surfaces. The models are then drafted to help in its validation.
  • Assembly & Modeling of Aircraft Components.

    Project Description: The 3D models are assembled as per the requirement.The assembly is then analyzed for any fowling and interfaces between mating  parts.

     List of assemblies:Stub wing PSA assembly, Stub wing PTIN assembly, Rudder assembly, Nacelle Assembly, Fuselage front & center assembly.

  • Creation of Loft/NMG (Flat pattern) for sheet metal components
    Bend and bevel angles are calculated at certain locations. Using bevel angle, developmental length is calculated.

  • NMG is created for surfaced based models.
    Ex: Skins, Doublers, List of Sheet Metal Components: Angles, Splice Angles, End Channel, Angle Plate, Stringer, Covering Plate.


Aug 2006Jun 2010

Mechanical Engineering

Shirdi Sai Engineering College

Visvesvaraya Technology Universit (VTU)          Bengaluru           




State Board                                                                Bengaluru             




State Board                                                                Bengaluru


Solid Works

Catia V5 R21,

Auto Cad 2007

Airbus PDM Link SSCI





Have certified NG ID using for project Fixed Bracket and Landing Gear.


Dassault system at NAL

Mile Stone 3.0


Airbus NG Id Holder



I hereby declare that all the above details are true to the best of my knowledge.
                                                                                                                         UDHASU NAYAK.