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Oct 2008May 2009

Master Recording Program II

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

Certifications: Pro Tool Tier 1-5 Music and Post, Apple Logic Pro 8,TC Electronic System 6000, Antares Auto Tune, Reason, etc. Consoles / Control Surfaces: C|24, Neotek Elite, Neve VR and SSL 4000 E/G+ Recorders: Studer A820, Otari MTR 90, Alesis HD24, Alesis Masterlink Outboard Gear: TC Electronic M3000, Universal Audio LA-2A, Empirical Labs Distressor, etc. Skills: Soldering, Mic setup and placement, Troubleshooting, Synchronization

Aug 2005May 2008

Bachelor of Arts

Brigham Young University

Consoles / Control Surfaces:  Audient ASP8024, Tascam DM-4800, Toft Audio ATB24, Euphonix System 5, etc.

Recorders:  iZ Technology Radar 24, Otari MTR 90, Tascam DV-RA1000HD, etc.

Outboard Gear: Doepfer Modular Synthesizer, Lexicon 300 Digital Effects Processor, Eventide DSP 4000 Ultra-Harmonizer, Manley Slam compressor/limiter, Summit Audio TLA – 100A (Tube Leveling Amplifier)

Skills:  Descriptive Acoustics, Sound Design for Theatre, Film Analysis and Interpretation, 20th Century Music Composition, Playwriting, Multitrack Recording, etc.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Dub Stage Recordist/Re-Recording Mixer

Monkeyland Audio, Inc.

Prepare OMF's for Editors

Load and phase production sound into session for dialog editors

Prepare stages for mixes

Create LtRt print master, M&E and stems from 6 track equivalents

Digitize video from various sources using Final Cut

Set up laybacks

Punch-in mix fixes

Edit Sound Effects and Foley

Troubleshoot any technical problems throughout the studio

Configure and repair computers in the studio (Mac)

Create and repair cables (XLR, TRS, RCA, CAT5, etc.)

Consoles / Control Surfaces:  D-Command, Cl24, Yamaha 02R, etc.

Recorders:  HDCam, HDCam SR, Digibeta, DAT, DA-98, etc.

Non-Linear Video playback systems:  Pro Tools Video Satellite, Gallery Virtual VTR, etc.

Jan 2006Present

Sound Editor/Mixer/Recordist


I have done sound for several music and post production projects including short cartoons and documentaries.

May 2008Present


Larry H. Miller Communications Corp.

I was the A2 for a live basketball broadcast.  I set up, kept track of, and tore down microphones.  I also assisted the A1 with anything he needed done.

Jul 2008Aug 2008

FOH Engineer

Omega Productions

Assess each venue's sound capabilities. Setup microphones, monitors, etc. accordingly. Run sound for musical. Strike sound equipment, load truck and do it all again.

Jan 2008Apr 2008


LDS Motion Picture Studio

Engineer and Produce audio book recordings. Manage files throughout all stages of production. Edit Sound Effects Design Sound for student films Record Foley

Jan 2007Apr 2008

Studio Technician and Teaching Assistant for Studio Y

BYU School of Music

Supervise studio for student and faculty recording projects. Engineer sessions for students and faculty. Know the studio in order to answer any questions on its use.

Keep equipment in good working order.

Keep studio clean and orderly. Schedule sessions.

Aug 2007Apr 2008

Sound Designer

BYU Mask Club

I was a theatrical Sound Designer for several student projects.

Aug 2003May 2005

MIDI Lab Supervisor

Western Wyoming Community College

Supervise lab usage. Install and update software such as Finale, Sonar and Pro Tools. Know the software and how to use it in order to instruct others in its use. Keep lab clean and organized.

Instruct students on proper usage of hardware and software


FileMaker Pro
Celemony Melodyne Plugin
Not certified but I own it and use it often.
Word Processing
I am familiar with both Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.
Finale Music Notation Software


Greg Strom

I have collaborated with Greg on several projects including cartoons and documentaries.

Peter Lago

I have worked with Peter now for several years now and he has always been a great source for advice.  He is a person and an editor of the highest caliber.  Monkeyland doesn't have better.

Phillip Nichols

Phillip Nichols was instructor for my Pro Tools, Auto-Tune, and SSL Classes at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Jon Holloman

Jon Holloman was both instructor for several of my recording classes at BYU and employer for my job at Studio Y.

Richard Duke

Richard Duke was both instructor for several of my recording classes at BYU and supervisor for my internship at the LDS Motion Picture Studio.


Kudo Line Source Array Technology




SIA-Smaart Pro




Waves Plugins





T.C. Electronic

System 6000

T.C. Electronic

Logic Pro 8, Level 1

Apple, Inc

Pro Tools, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 Music, Tier 4 Post, and Tier 5

The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences