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Alec chase

While working in the trades listed below, I was always able to complete any task assigned to me without becoming a liability. I moved through the ranks quickly during the time I was there, and always exceeded expectation. I am aware of the work being performed, because these jobs taught me how important safety was not only for myself but my co-workers around me. I will never slack due to risk of termination. I am able to work long hours and stay healthy doing it. My ambition to make a company better keeps me focused on the tasks ahead of me, and makes the work I accomplish enjoyable.

Work experience

Aug 2014Jul 2015

Trench digger

Underground Express Company

While working at UEC I was in charge of digging the trenches, laying the conduit, and backfilling the trenches. A lot of the work performed was done with a shovel. I learned ways to work effectively and in a timely manner. Being my first general labor type job I also learned what it is to work hard and excel at the work you're performing. I only left UEC to learn a trade that will establish a career for myself. 

Aug 2013Aug 2014

Plumbers helper

PieCon Plumbing 

While being a plumbers helper I learned how to use a wide variety of power tools. I learned how to complete tasks such as rough ins, top outs, and finishes all with a deadline. Clean professional work was a must, and we would be inspected. I learned to follow step by step orders. I moved from a floater, to a laborer, to a plumbers helper in about three months time. I only left the trade due to relocation.


Aug 2009Aug 2013

High School Diploma

North High School

Graduated with a 3.0 average while never having to speak with the dean.