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Experienced Executive Manager with over 15 years of leadership development, business building, public speaking and adult education, and organizational analytics. Professional, creative, flexible with assessment and analytical skills. Results orientated and driven by ethical principles to produce processes which increases productivity and reduce wasted resources.



Bachelor's of Science in Organizational Management

Nyack College

Learning Objectives: Ability to use technology, communication, and research as it relates to organization development. Analytical thinking skills to solve problems in the workplace. Develop fluency  in ethical theories as a framework for global engagement. Utilize diverse perspectives as a means to initiate organizational change. Create processes which assess and promotes personal growth, development, and continual learning. Take a multi-disciplinary approach to understand organization and create positive change. 


Associate's of Science in Medical Technologies

Community College of the Air Force

Learning Objectives: Demonstrate understanding in medical  terminology and laboratory technology. Ability to verbalize and write in appropriate terms to the scientific community. Use critical thinking skills in examining issues in biological and technological field. Use analytical skills for biological issues using case studies, laboratory  testing, and field research work.  


Feb 2015Present

Career Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Deeper Path

Trained and Certified by Career and Leadership Coach Kary Oberbrunner to train, speak, and coach using the Deeper Path Curriculum.

Feb 2013Present

Leadership Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

The John Maxwell Team

Trained and Certified by Leadership Guru Dr. John C Maxwell to train, speak, and coach using John Maxwell Leadership Curriculum.

Jan 2011Present

Endorsement in Career, Leadership, and Life Coaching

48 Days, LLC 

Trained and Endorsed by 48 Days to the Work you Love author Dan Miller on coaching, speaking, and training in Career, Leadership, and Life Coaching.

Work History

Sep 2012Present

Crime Stoppers Coordinator/Executive Director/Detective

City of Dayton
- Support the mission of the Dayton Police Department in Criminal Investigations and Crime Prevention through the Crime Stoppers Program. - Create venues where the community, the media, and police agencies in the Greater Miami Valley area can work together to solve and prevent crimes. - Ensure the on-going 24 hour operation of the Crime Stoppers program using multiple mediums for the community to provide crime solving tips for law enforcement agencies - Generate board interest from the community to ensure a board member representation which reflects the Miami Valley area. - Inform and coach the community on how to utilize the tip software provided by the program and the multiple venues to provide tips. - Explore areas to enhance the effectiveness and promotion of the program to include social media, and public speaking. - Procure crime trends, suspect information, and criminal activity from Miami Valley law enforcement agencies to share on crime stoppers segments on news media and post on social media. - Work with local news media in order to complete story deadlines in order to get exposure that would help increase the awareness of criminal activity. - Represent Crime Stoppers organization in surrounding Crime Prevention organizations. - Work with Board Members in the clarification and establishment of organizational goals and working with board member committees which support those goals. - Support in the fundraising efforts of the program.
Nov 2011Present

John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Executive Coach

The John Maxwell Team

I have a passion to empower leaders and maximize their leadership skills. Leaders are busy people and often their 'busy'-ness can, and most often will, interrupt the growth of their business. As a leadership coach, I help leaders identify their unique value system, re-evaluate their priorities, and keep them accountable to live out their values and priorities with purpose and intentionality. I am certified to Train, Speak, and Coach on 11 Leadership Curricula by John Maxwell -- Everyone Communicates, Few Connect -- How to be a R.E.A.L. Success - Relationship|Equipping|Attitude|Leadership -- Put Your Dream to the Test -- Becoming a Person of Influence -- Leadership Gold -- YouthMAX -- Leadership of the Wall -- Leadership Transition -- The 15 Laws of Growth -- Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn -- Today Matters -- Developing the Leaders Around You My passion is to see each client live a life they have dreamed of. It's a matter of intention, purpose, and action to get the next level.

Nov 2011Present

48 Endorsed Leadership, Career, and Life Coach

Cherub Coaching Solutions
Endorsed by Dan Miller, 48 Days Founder and Executive Coach I help people find their true calling and passion especially in the area of work. Statistics show that 80% of people abhor where and what they are working in. According to the book "The Millionnaire Mind", the common thread among successful people is that they work in an area they love. Successful people also have proper boundaries to allow time for family, friends, and a life they love. As a career and life coach, I help my client's find a life they would love to have, assist in creating a plan to pursue that life, and keep them accountable to living it. As a 48 Days Coach, I help: - Identify client's values, dreams, and passions - Assist in identifying client's personality style to find a position uniquely fitted to their lifestyle - Perform client's skills and abilities inventory critical for their desired career path - Teach seminars to help improve or commit to career changes - Establish a plan for continual self-development I have a zeal to see my clients live out a life full of purpose, joy, and intentionality and keep them accountable to living it.
Nov 2008Feb 2012

Microbiology Record Review Specialist

Community Blood Center

- Inoculation and preparation of cultures of over 250-500 specimens three days a week in a team environment. - Isolated and Identified microbiological organisms using standard laboratory practices and microbiological instrumentation. - Daily reviewed and documented the Quality Control measures on the Microbiological Instruments including incubators, microbiological analyzers, freezers, refrigerators, and chemical testing as part of the review specialist duties. - Maintained the analyzers and incubators beyond the technologists/scientists level and was the on-call specialist when instruments became inoperable as part of the review specialist duties. - Worked closely with Quality Assurance chain of command in order to insure that the microbiology section was in compliance with certifying agencies from the state and private institutions. - Suggested improvements in laboratory procedures to the Laboratory Supervisor or with other Tiger Teams in order increase effectiveness and efficiency in microbiology procedures. - Reviewed all microbiology team members paperwork in the isolation and identification of organisms to ensure that all process were in compliance of established standard laboratory procedures.

Feb 2014Present

Chief Executive Officer

Unleashed Ministries
Chief Executive Officer at (2 years 1 month) Developed a ministry where leaders develop other leaders through a unique development process.- Established a process where leaders discover, develop, and dive into their special unique purpose.-Build and train a leadership team to support the mission of the ministry.-Explore and execute fundraising campaigns to support the mission of the ministry. Languages Ilocano Skills & Expertise Laboratory Laboratory Medicine Microbiology Team Building DoD Public Speaking Process Improvement
Nov 2010Present

President and CEO

Cherub Defense, LLC
Matters-Developing the Leaders Around You My passion is to see each client live a life they have dreamed of. It's a matter of intention, purpose, and action to get the next level. President and CEO at (5 years 4 months) Establish and ensure that the company vision is being fulfilled through all areas of the chain-Hire, fire, and train executive team members to work in a diversified work force with a dynamic work environment Conduct meetings with team leaders of the three company divisions: Cherub Coaching Solutions, Cherub Defense Warehouse, and Cherub Defense Academy.-Created marketing strategies that aligned with Page2 company values for company growth-Planned an automated online store system which directly responded with vendors for online orders-Develop leaders which support the company mission and carry-on the goals of the company.
May 2006Apr 2011

Medical Laboratory Technician

Huber Health Center

- Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, serology, histology and bacteriology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating disease. - Consistently commended for the timely, high-quality completion of both routine and special laboratory assays of patient specimens (including blood and other body fluids, skin scrapings and surgical specimens). Ensured test-result validity before recording/reporting results, earning a reputation for meticulous attention to detail. - Demonstrated the ability to communicate test results effectively with physicians, pathologists and nursing staff as a member of interdisciplinary team focused on providing exemplary quality of care. - Evaluated quality control within laboratory using standard laboratory test and measurement controls, and maintained compliance with CLIA, OSHA, safety and risk-management guidelines. - Scheduled and completed phlebotomy from people of all ages. -Trained on-coming staff members on the medical diagnostics instruments for chemistry, urinalysis, hematology, and microbiological procurement.

Oct 2008Jul 2012

Medical Laboratory Craftsman/Supervisor

US Air Force Reserves
Medical Laboratory Craftsman/Supervisor at (3 years 10 months) Trained personnel in specimen collection including phlebotomy and urine collection. Collected blood and urine specimens from reserve personnel to ensure clear deployment status for reservist to ensure the on- going Air Force Reserve operations.-Scheduled personnel for hematology, serology, coagulation studies, chemistry, microbiology, and blood bank for drill weekends.-Ensured personnel were trained for job duties and were in compliance Air Force Standards in training.-Trained, Coached, and Ensured members stayed within the Air Force standards or had a plan to meet or exceed standards.-Coached Personnel in their Career Development in the Air Force Reserves and in their personal lives.-Build resiliency in personnel to help cope with the rigors of military obligations and life.-Reported to Senior Officers regarding the operations of the Medical Laboratory Flight and provided suggestions in procedure improvement in the laboratory.
Oct 2002Oct 2008

Medical Laboratory Journeyman/Night Shift Supervisor

US Air Force Active Duty
Medical Laboratory Journeyman/ Supervisor at (6 years 1 month) Trained and coach on-coming staff members to work on multiple medical diagnostics instruments including blood banking, hematology, coagulation studies, chemistry and special chemistry, and microbiology.- Trained and coach on-coming staff members on proper specimen collecting procedures including, but not limited to, phlebotomy, as well as training staff members to educate patients on urine collection, fecal collection, semen collection, and swab collection.-Trained and coach on-coming staff members to work on multiple sections due to high work load and limited staff due to the nature of the shift.-Trained and coach on-coming staff members on how to interact with doctors and nurses regarding lab results.-Trained and coach staff members on career development within the Air Force Structure or other opportunities outside of the Air Force.-Encouraged staff members to suggests and vocalize improvements in all process of the laboratory in order increase effectiveness and efficiency.