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Work experience


Media Producer


Save our clients money by minimizing marketing & advertising dollars spent on old-school, traditional advertising mediums and strategically implementing effective campaigns utilizing non-traditional marketing channels which create brand awareness and positively affect your bottom line.


Advertising Executive / VP of Kansas Hometown Dealer Association

Shout Marketing

• Top Salesman - Doubled client list. Specialized in producing re designed websites and innovation.

• Vice President of Kansas Hometown Dealer Association (A local car finder website similar to the home finder website I'd designed and launched at Morris for the Harvey County and surrounding area market; just a different widget).  Pre-Sold it, Launched it, Continued to sell memberships and constantly Improved it through critique and suggestion and production. Designed collateral sales materials as well as trained others to perform the duties.


New Media / I.T. Director

Morris Communications

• Revenue Champion responsible for growing online revenue by 1000%. • Re-designed and published content to and (Local News and Real Estate websites) with support from MDW (Morris Digital Works). • Maintained all online advertising scheduling, delivery and reporting using OAS (Open Ad Steam is one of the most high end online advertising delivery administrative software used today by the largest advertising agencies to schedule delivery and report performance of online advertising). • Performed all hardware (Mac, Pc, servers, internal parts etc.) and software (every flavor of computer, almost all operating systems and software spanning every type of software you can imagine every dept. of a newspaper to have) installation and training. I used landesk to image groups of computers at the same time with preconfigured images that resided on my servers (mac and pc alike); rather than push on a one by one basis. • Trained photographers to enhance photography in print and online. • Designed collateral sales materials and trained sales staff to sell online advertising through meetings and sales calls. • Trained designers to create web ads. Worked with local press operators and corporate color specialists to enhance color accuracy and quality reproduction through digital color test runs that I designed along with microdensitometer readings and curve adjustment to the image setter's negatives both digitally and chemically. • Worked with all third party print clients to insure smooth transition via ftp delivery and quality of jobs due to correct file set up.

• Oversaw all data backup and on call 24-7 for technical issues.

• Grew audience to an average of 350K page views per month. • Created monthly reports outlining revenue, expenses, audience and forecast as well as annual budget plans. • Innovated the online news space by creating custom photo galleries online generating page views and revenue. This was done by creating custom designed headers which were added to each image to produce a "magazine cover or playing card" look by covering sports photos from local teams prior to building the galleries and designing an ordering system for various sizes of photographs and products ranging up to life size UV resistant banners. Pioneered the use of implementing commenting under public news stories.



Master of Fine Art

Kansas State University

I have an emphasis in Visual Communication & Typography from a mentor that trained at Cranbrook School of Design in New York. While there I was top of my class and had the honor of designing what is currently the logo for KSU Libraries and Hale Library. I designed an 8 foot tall sculpture with a font that I had designed called "Cyseriph" displayed on the panels which was on campus for two years next to the Art Dept.


Bachelor of Fine Art

Friends University

Men's Varsity Soccer

Student Government Team

Art Department Graphic Design Lab Head

1995: KCAC Champions: Men’s Varsity Soccer, Friends University

1995: Homecoming King at Friends University


Strong Work Ethic
My father was a drill sergeant and raised me with the saying, "Results, not excuses". I live by those words.  
Great Communication
Being able to articulate why something is good and works is part of what separates good designers from great.  
Logical Thinking
Thinking logically is a huge gap between average designers and great designers.  
Brutal Self Honesty
If you want to consistently put out quality work and progress, you need to be brutally honest with yourself.  
Thick Skin
The first thing I taught my design students was to separate emotion from the work. Without that one cannot be objective.



I am an experienced art, design and advertising visionary with a successful track record of designing, producing and launching successful campaigns using all forms of media ranging from the tangible to intangible while mastering new technology as it emerges.


Growing revenue in a creative atmosphere where my innovation can flow while helping others and having fun.


2004: First Place for Best Newspaper Web Site in Daily Division 1 from The Kansas Press Association (KPA).

2005: Honorable Mention in Best Newspaper Website Daily Division 2 from the KPA.

2006: Second Place for Best Newspaper Website Daily Division 2; also from the KPA.

2007: Third Place, Best Newspaper Website Daily Division 2; again from the KPA