Tylin Young

Tylin Young

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2011 - Present

Junior Jumpstart

Wichita State University

Presented high school students with cool ways to say no to drugs, so that they can stay on track with pursuing their education and staying on the right path throughout their life. The presentation lasted for 45 minutes. I was also a guide for this same event. I made sure that the children attended the correct discussions, as well as helped the students come up with a change plan to take back to their school during our focus group session.

Sep 2011 - Present

Recovery Parade


Assisted with facilitation of recovery parade. Parade given in support of clients who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. I volunteered to help make balloon animals, serve food, support the face painters, participate in the walk from the facility to the site where the events were to be held, and I also helped with clean-up.

Sep 2011 - Present

Fall Family Carnival

Wichita State Univesity-SOSW

The Fall Family Carnival is an annual event at Wichita State.I volunteered to help paint children's faces. It was an awesome experience to know that I helped put a smile on a child's face...literally!

Aug 2007 - Present

Crisis Shelter Volunteer


Assisted with intakes of clients coming into shelter. Arranged the rooms in anticipation of new client's entering the shelter. Cleaned rooms when client's exited the shelter. Monitored video cameras and ensured client safety while residing in the shelter. Made sure everyone followed the policies of the shelter and completed all chores. Monitored who entered and exited the shelter, buzzed in residents. Answered the crisis line, accessed if client was in immediate danger, and determined elgibility of assistance with facility, referred clients to other facilities and available resources. Assisted with childcare while the residents attended domestic violence group meetings. Distrubted needed clothing and hygiene items to clients. Provided clients access to their medications so they could self administer their medications.

Sep 2011 - Present

Homeless Stand Down

Wichita State University-SOSW
Helped distribute socks and various clothing items to homeless individuals and homeless veterans. Provided relief for booth workers.
Aug 2011 - Apr 2012

CFS Practicum Student

Wichita SRS

Investigated and Assessed allegations of abuse and neglect of children. Interviewed victims and collateral witnesses. Investigated allegations of truancy. Helped clients problem solve in order to form a resolution to various issues. Acted as a leison between services for clients. Helped arrange for clients to recieve needed services. Performed various background searches. Made referrals for assistance to help empower clients and build on client's strengths.

Apr 2005 - Dec 2009

Customer/Dealer Service Rep.

Processed customer accounts. Received inbound calls from customers, vehicle dealers, banks, and insurance companies regarding customer payoffs. Ran vehicle payoffs and faxed them to dealer's and to financial institutions with customer permission. Granted and processed extension. Processed requests for foreign travel, direct-pay, payment history printouts, leads, and insurance quotes. Provided one call resolution and excellent customer service by actively listening to the customer's request or complaint, and using critical thinking to provide an agreeable solution for both the client as well as the company. Mentored new hires, distributed team statistics, and increased team morale and statistics.


Aug 2008 - Present

Bachelor of Social Work

Wichita State University

Psychology Minor

Aug 2003 - May 2006


Cowley Community College
CNA Certification



Investigation & Assessment

I am very proficient in recognizing potentially dangerous situations for our clients and myself as a worker. I am growing more confident daily in analyzing a client's situation and brainstorming rational solutions. Although this is a fairly new skill for me, I am determined to become extremely competent in this area, as it is one of the most critical componets of the field.


Although I have not been interviewing clients very long as a social worker. I am pretty confident in my ability to ask a client the right questions and to discern the truth from fiction in the response that I receive. I am confident in my ability to build a repoire with a client, especially a child, to get them to warm up enough to talk to me.

Computer & Office Skills

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Acess, Powerpoint, PSW, Edsnet, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Faxpress and  The Internet. Able to handle multi-line phone system, 10-key, fax and copy machine. Detailed oriented and organized.  

Customer Service

Customer service certified. Excellent in providing one call resoluton, as well as maintaining client confidentiality. Incredible listener. Wonderful at problem solving and thinking outside the box. Great at analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution that is fair and workable to all parties involved.


Writing Samples


Jul 2011 - Jul 2013