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My name is Tyler Butt and I am currently a senior at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. I am graduating in December 2012 with BA in Political Science, and a minor in Organizational Leadership. These fields are both incredibly intriguing to me because I am very interested in how people think and how to best manage them. These skills are vital to a variety of professional fields, especially in sales, customer relations, and human resources.

                I have held several positions at various companies that have helped me to hone these important skills. I was employed at Fortville Feeders, Inc. in a sales support position. I contacted potential buyers and alerted regional sales managers around the globe as to the levels of interest that these buyers had. I also have skills in the web site management field, an omnipresent component of business in the 21st century. I was particularly successful in improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rating of the Fortville Feeders website. Before I started with this company, the website was listed on the 5th page of the Google search results, and when I left the company to return to school the website was 2nd overall. While at Fortville Feeders, I also was in charge of designing promotional materials, such as business cards, a monthly newsletter, and brochures. I became quite proficient at utilizing document design tools, such as InDesign and Microsoft Publisher. In addition to designing these sales documents, I was also charged with ensuring that these were printed and delivered in a timely fashion through a 3rd party printing shop. The importance of connecting to potential customers, aggressively pursuing these leads, and collaborating with other companies on projects are some of the skills that I learned while employed at Fortville Feeders.

                The skills that I have acquired and honed at Fortville Feeders are vital to any individual in a sales related position, and I feel that I can contribute greatly to your company. My diverse set of skills will allow me to approach a problem from many different angles in order to determine the optimal, dynamic solution.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Student, Purdue University

Apr 2010Sep 2011

Sales and Marketing Intern

Fortville Feeders, Inc.

Overhauled and Maintained website. Drastically improved SEO rating of the Website. Created and distributed promotional materials. Contacted potential customers.



Aug 2008Present

Political Science

Purdue University