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Skilled web developer with strong, practical experience building database driven, standards compliant web 2.0 applications. Solid practical, working knowledge on the history of the web medium, with the evolution of HTML from SGML to XML and the inclusion of DSLs, e.g. EMCAscript (Javascript, Jscript) and CSS.

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Java Developer

Feb 2009Mar 2010

Senior Solution Developer

Customer Solutions Online Inc
  • Joined an existing product team to assist in migrating existing products to a new architecture
  • Worked on coverting existing Java based web application to Flash/Flex Rich Internet Applications
  • Intergrate third party tools and existing data to create new business decision tools
Aug 2004Feb 2009

Lead Developer (Contractor)

  • Worked with a small startup company to build a successful business model
  • Trained personnel on Web Standards and best practices
  • Worked with the designer and clients to analyze requirements for efficient and effective solutions
  • Created custom products for the company to repackage and sell
  • Implemented a local community project for residences
  • Implemented a small social networking site for local bloggers
  • Worked under contract with client to generate a custom game for the web
  • Mainly focused on PHP and MySQL based sites
Apr 2008Oct 2008

SharePoint Consultant

RapidMind Solutions

  • Joined a small start-up company to work with their Ivy League client
  • Helped gather and document requirements
  • Worked with the team to build a custom scheduler interface to exchange
Sep 2006Apr 2008

Web Developer

TSi Auto Solutions

  • Joined an existing product team to maintain and upgrade financial reporting tools for automotive manufacturers.
  • Member of small team designing and implementing deployment processes.
  • Responsible for deploying and maintaining several applications throughout their full life span
  • Worked within a team environment to develop and implement new requirements for existing clients with their products
  • Worked with product specialists to implement configuration tools to track and maintain business rules for the products
  • Tracked down and resolved existing bugs and missing features
  • Implemented SQL optimization on existing code base
  • Focused on product written in VB.NET with a Microsoft SQL Server backbone


Flex/Actionscript 3
  MySQL 5.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2005  
Frameworks JQuery Prototype Moo Tools   Methodologies AJAX JSON
  CakePHP CodeIgniter Wordpress XOOPS  
  ASP.NET Web Forms MVC Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007  



Internet Programming

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