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Virtual + Augmented Reality Software Developer


I am a software developer and entrepreneur with a passion for virtual and augmented reality technology. As a Unity Certified Programmer, I have over 5 years of experience developing cutting-edge software applications for a wide variety of VR/AR hardware including the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, Meta 2, ARFoundation, and Leap Motion, as well as many different industries including healthcare, therapy, tourism, architecture, education, and manufacturing. In addition, I have participated in many hackathons and won prominent awards for my work including the Grand Prize at PennApps XIV and Collaborative Grand Prize at Philly Codefest. Currently, I am focused on utilizing virtual and augmented reality technology to train the workforce of the future by developing innovative and highly realistic training simulations, improving their real-world performance and enabling new opportunities in the workplace.




Founder + CEO

Intelimmerse LLC

We develop highly intelligent and complex data-driven training simulations for Virtual and Augmented Reality technology.


Applications Engineer

X Studios

• Developed interactive touch screen apps for exhibits and live events 
• Utilized software development best practices including source control and Q/A testing 
• Monitored and tested applications using state of the art live monitoring software 
• Worked directly with creative director to implement user interfaces and concepts


Freelance VR/AR Developer

Virtual InSynergy

• Virtual reality tour application for Hewlett Packard Discover Conference 
• VR Photo App that imported 360 degree photos and displayed corresponding data to user via XML data 
• Realistic tennis simulator for HTC Vive virtual reality headset


Software Developer


• Introduced potential clients to VR/AR hardware
• Completed quality assurance testing for various software development projects
• Developed innovative apps for Fortune 500 companies and smaller startups
• Worked side-by-side with experienced developers in the field


Software Development Intern


• Offered the job as a senior in high school
• Worked with hardware including Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, and Google Cardboard
• Learned how to communicate effectively in the workplace
• Learned how to meet strict deadlines and fulfill clients' requirements

Honors and Awards


Collaborative Grand Prize

Philly Codefest

• Developed SimulatOR app for Oculus Rift + Touch
• Collaborated with doctors to gain insight and knowledge into their profession 
• Awarded Grand Prize at Philly Codefest 2017


Best Human Well-Being App

Reality Virtually

• Developed StudyVR app for HTC Vive
• Taught students the concept of pressure via haptics and interactive simulations
• Awarded 1st Place at Reality Virtually Hackathon 2016


Grand Prize


• Developed SpeakAR app for Microsoft Hololens
• Allowed deaf people to visualize and understand spoken word using voice recognition and animated gifs
• Awarded Grand Prize at PennApps XIV
• Flown out to Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, CA to participate in Facebook Global Hackathon



Inside The Park VR

Intelimmerse LLC

• Next generation virtual baseball simulator
• Compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality
• Available for download on Steam store



Members: Tyler C. Roach

• Augmented reality conversational demo developed using ARCore and IBM Watson
• Allows one to actually talk with virtual person just as if you were actually talking to someone in real life
Ability to spawn person anywhere and then walk around them as if they were actually there
• Users can speak into phone to “talk” to person and actually hear them respond back, simulating a real life conversation


Time Capsule VR

Members: Tyler C. Roach

• Enabled user to live life of another person by placing them in middle of specific scenarios
• Required users to complete certain tasks (communicate with voice via Google Speech API, teleport around, grab items)
Developed for Oculus Go as part of Udacity VR Capstone Project 



Members: Tyler C. Roach, Akshaya Dinesh, Yasmeen Roumie, Minjae Kwon

• Utilized voice recognition to accurately detect what person was saying in real-time and converted it to text
• Dynamically displayed animated sign language images related to specific terms that were said
• Coded voice recognition as well as text/sign language visual interface
Developed for Microsoft Hololens and won Grand Prize at PennApps XIV



VR Developer Nanodegree

  • Completed projects ranging from interactive puzzles to a virtual tourism application
  • Wrote articles on Medium related to virtual reality
  • Attained new VR development skills
  • Learned from experts in the field


Drexel University
  • Interactive Digital Media Major
  • Drexel VR Club, Drexel CRU, Drexel Club Tennis
  • Learned how to design and prototype user interfaces for the web with InVision
  • Learned how to use Javascript to add interactive functionality to HTML sites
  • Had article written about me by Drexel newspaper


Monmouth University
  • Software Engineering Major
  • Monmouth IEEE, Enactus, Monmouth CRU
  • Learned software engineering best practices
  • Learned how to develop simple Java applications
  • Learned fundamentals of computer science


  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Simulation
  • User Interfaces
  • Singing
  • Baseball
  • Tennis

Volunteer experience


Founder and Organizer

VR Philly

• Virtual reality meetup group in Philadelphia
• Grew group from 100 members to 300 members in little over 1 year
• Speakers included Yuval Boger (Sensics), Rod Haxton (VisiSonics), Ben Lang (Road to VR), and William Provancher (Tactical Haptics)
• Improved my public speaking skills and ability to effectively network with professionals in the industry



New Hope Solebury Community School

• Spoke to middle school students at New Hope Solebury Middle School at the New Hope Public Library
• Discussed virtual and augmented reality
• Showed them how to create software for virtual reality
• Developed game specifically for them called TechnoMaze


Karaoke Host

Riftmax Theater

• One of the very first social events in virtual reality and first ever virtual reality karaoke event
• Took place every Thursday night in VR application called Riftmax Theater
• Opportunity to showcase singing ability to people across the world
• Virtual "avatars" to allow users to interact with each other using their hands and voice
• Brought tons of people to virtual reality while also allowing me to gain recognition in the industry


Baseball Mentor

Special Olympics New Jersey

• Taught special needs kids how to play baseball
• Held various drills like throwing, catching, and baserunning
• Learned the importance of being a good role model