Tyler Beauvais

Tyler Beauvais


Welcome to my ePortfolio. My accomplishments and assets can be found on this page as well as the skills I have developed to make me an asset to your agency. I have a great work ethic which can't be beat, and I strive to be the best that I can be. 


Welcome to my ePortfolio. My accomplishments can be found on this page as well as the skills I have developed to make me an asset to your agency. I have a great work ethic which cannot be surpassed, and I strive to be the best that I can be.

Mission, Vision, and Values

My mission is to stand out in the policing community so that I can make a difference in the community, by using my diverse mindset, and my unbreakable morals.

My vision is to become an effective law enforcement officer in regards to making positive changes within my community. This is possible through perseverance, and an unbreakable will to do right in the world.

The attributes I value most can be displayed through hard work ethic, integrity, willfulness to complete difficult tasks, and a diverse open mind. I believe that honesty and the constant strive to succeed and learn are very positive features.


My short-term goals consist of completing the Criminal Justice program at Lethbridge College with the highest possible GPA. Upon completion, I plan on pursuing a career in policing.

My long-term goals include traveling to various parts of the world to aid the success in my field, bringing additional value to my already diverse nature.

Cover Letter/ Resume


Jan 2014 - Present

Criminal Justice- Policing Program

Lethbridge College
  • Knowledge of Criminal and procedural law
  • History of the criminal justice system
  • A background in Psychology and criminology
  • Strong ethics, diversity, and interpersonal skills
  • An understanding for the Importance of a healthy lifestyle and fitness
Sep 2008 - Jan 2012

Catholic High School

Paul Dwyer C.H.S.

High School Diploma

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2014 - Present

Warehouse Labourer

  • Problem solving
  • Organizational skills
  • Strength development
  • Time management
  • Customer service
Aug 2014 - Dec 2014


Tollestrup Con.
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Technical skills
  • The ability to maneuver vehicles in close quarters
  • Gained knowledge of mechanics
  • Developed respect for the power of machines
  • Developed upper body strength through the use of hand-tools
  • Observation skills heightened
  • Gained a stronger sense of patience
  • Utilized problem- solving skills
  • Required to use hand-eye co-ordination
Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

Farm Manager

Grisnich Farms
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Skills
  • Hard work ethic
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Teamwork

Volunteer Experience

YWCA Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Volunteer

Paul Dwyer C.H.S.- Orientation of the new students



Very adaptable

While working on the farm you need to adapt to various factors, whether it be ; the climate, time of day, type of work, or level of intensity. I have worked through the ranks, and proved to be very effective in many different fields.

Technologically intelligent

Given that I was a manager on the farm, I was required to input various information into a computer software program on a daily basis. Having to trouble shoot various issues, and navigate through the program, I was required to learn the software inside out. This was possible due to my Father's extensive background in computers. He taught me from a very young age how to trouble shoot various issues within the system.

Able to work long hours

Having to work during crop season, long hours are required to get the job done before the bad weather hits. Starting at 0600 hours and working until 2300 is not uncommon. This does not leave much time for sleep, and can be very demanding on the body.

Physically strong

Working on a farm for many years, I have developed my strength strong enough to carry out every day tasks, such as wrestling cattle, lifting heavy hay bails, and shoveling. This strength has aided in my success in the weight room, as I have continued to progress my strength.


Honesty - Prior to managing the feedlot, I had to maintain the health of many head of cattle. When cattle fall ill, you must put them into the hospital pen and treat them with a drug to bring them back to health. The manager before me, would often disregard the sick cattle and let their symptoms worsen, while telling the boss that he treated them. Once I received knowledge of this, 
I went over the manager's head to the boss and told him what was happening. This resulted in promotion for me, to become feedlot manager.

Hard work ethic -  While on the farm, many times my work ethic was in question, however, I rose above it almost every time. If I was in good health, you could count on me being at work ready for another day.

Pride - Working with my hands for almost everyone of my jobs, I developed a level of pride in the work I had to complete. If it did not look good enough for me, I would work on it until I thought it would be good enough for my workplace.

Responsibility - While Managing the farm, I was required to instruct the employee's on various jobs that needed to be done. While some of the bosses children worked with me, many times they would half complete their duties, which required someone else to complete them. I knew that others had to finish their tasks, so I would often take it upon myself to complete the children's duties.

Diverse mentality - Over the years, I have been submerged into various communities, and have developed knowledge and respect for every culture I have encountered. My high school was very diverse, and we were required to learn about different backgrounds. That in itself doesn't make me diverse, but what does is that I actively seek out people of different cultures, to experience different traditions, and create bonds with each of them.


  • Grisnich Farms- Raymond Grisnich - Farm owner 403-732-4168
  • Tollestrupe Con. Inc. - Brent Erickson - Supervisor 403-915-8794
  • Jysk- Donald Fox - Store Manager 403 320 5040