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Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Door Coordinator

Texas Roadhouse, Dyer, IN

Manage the host stand during busy hours such as the weekend and holidays.  Managed those who worked in the host stand, dealt with guests and possible guest complaints, and over-saw quote times and getting guests sat promptly.  Skills included being personable, managing skills, as well as multi-tasking in a very fast paced environment.  


Jan 2012Present

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Purdue University Calumet

In fourth year and have one more year remaining.  Have taken courses such as Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Financial Management, and Managerial Accounting.  Have taken both courses focusing on financial and managerial accounting, but have more of an interest in the managerial/production side of accounting.  



Will be graduating from Purdue Calumet which is currently in the process of becoming AACSB accredited which is the "gold standard" for business school.  In the accounting classes I have taken a have gotten no lower than a "B" in every course and for a majority of courses have received an "A".  Courses geared toward both financial and managerial accounting.  


Very good with the basics such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Very adapt at learning new things on the computer and am always up-to-date on new software and how to use it.  Have used Excel in most classes in order to simulate accounting in spreadsheets.  


Ability to organize everything in a very meticulous way.  Organization is very important personal skill for myself.  Always putting things away where they need to go and organizing items so they are easy to find and easy to sort through for future use.  Always planning for tasks that need to be accomplished.   


Working in the service industry has made me very personable with both managing subordinates as well as dealing with guests, whether angry or for positive matters.  Have had to over see the work of others, as well as deal with complaints.  

About Me

I feel I can be a lift to any organization who hires me.  I have a deep interest in accounting, therefor, I am always eager to divulge into accounting problems and ready to learn any accounting concept that I am not yet knowledgeable on.  I am good with Microsoft Excel so for organizations that run their accounting on this program my transition will be seamless.  I am looking to become both CMA and CPA certified within the next year and will be graduating within the year as well.  Not only am i adapt with the always changing technology used in accounting, but I also have the people skills in order to relay that information through any presentation I must give in my accounting.