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Work History


Ironworker Top Helper 4

Bechtel Corporation

Ground Man. Make lashing. Build bents on ground. Fully bolt out bents on ground before standing. Tie in free standing bents with lashing or tie in Iron so it is secure from falling. Helper certified rigger rig up floor Iron. Get connectors proper connecting bolts. Cutting off shipping bolts on staged Iron and Handrails. Maintain good house keeping in area to prevent safety hazards. Offloading trucks. Inventory material on truck to check we received all of material. Manually pick up dunnage to put down for staging Iron. Relocate Iron if necessary. Shake out Iron. Shake out handrail. Signal Forklift. Flag Iron. Locate Iron on hang list and number according to list. Read over prints. Rigging Iron while supervised by certified rigger. Connect Iron. Signaling Crane. Bolt out Iron. Operate Aerial Platforms, known otherwise as, Manlift/Manbasket. Operate Scissor Lifts. Operate John Deer Tractor. Light Equipment Operator certified. Load grasshopper with Iron using Forklift. Transporting Grasshopper with load to proper offloading area. Clean anchor bolts using wax. Inventory Bolts. Use dolley/tow truck for heavy lifting and getting water for crew members. Maintaining task required to do by foreman.



Bilfinger Westcon

Offload Trucks. Stage Iron. Flag Iron. Relocate Iron. Manually move Iron. Connect Iron. Spot equipment. Walk crane to be staged in new location. Signal Forklift. Operate Manlift. Signal Crane. Make bolts. Bolt out Iron. Stand Columns usuing Forklift. Connect Iron using Forklift. Access and Egress Iron from Manlift. Rigging Iron. 



Bilfinger Westcon

Spot equipment. Walk crane. Offload Trucks. Stage Iron. Stage Handrails. Shake out handrail. Manually Relocate handrail from yard into MCC building. Install handrail into MCC building. Use Chainfall to hoist handrail into proper place to be installed. Rig handrail. Bolt out handrail. Rig Iron. Operate Manlift. Build platform around compressors. Bolt out compressor platform once complete. Install grading to compressor platform. Signal Forklift. Signal Crane. Help welder with layout.




Ground Man. Put up barricade for overhead work. Get proper bolts needed for bolt up. Maintain good housekeeping in my area. Bolt Up Iron. Be aware of surroundings. 


Ironworker Helper

Bilfinger Westcon

Put up danger tape. Spot equipment. Flag Iron. Locate Iron. Relocate Iron. Offload Trucks. Stage Iron. Signal Forklift. Make up bolts. Clean anchor bolts. Bush hammer concrete. Bolt Up Iron. Help Structural Welder lay out job task and fit for weld. Grind galvanized steel. Operate Manlift. Operate Scissor Lift. 




Meridian Community College