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Work experience

Mar 2014Jan 2015


Jimmy John's

Delivering and making food, keeping the store sanitary, dealing with customers

Jul 2014Dec 2014


Revolver Brewery

Serving beer to the customers, explaining the different ingredients, tastes, and processes that go into producing the beer. 

Aug 2008Apr 2011


Answering admissions questions, filing applications, answering phones, using spreadsheet 

Answering admissions questions, filing applications, answering phones, using spreadsheet 

Jun 2006May 2007


Packing, Shipping, Inventory for Tickelopes greeting cards


Biology BA

Pepperdine University

Learning about how our world works from the smallest atoms to the largest suns.  It also helped me realize the importance of work no matter how big or small.


I am fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Spreadsheet.  I have intimate knowledge of Android OS, Apple OS, and Windows OS.  I am great with video game consoles and games and television specifications.  I know a little about Internet servers and routers.


Food Handlers License

Arlington Texas Food Handlers Department
Allows me to work with and prepare food in a commercial environmnet

TABC License

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision
Allows me to serve alcohol

Text Section

I've been in love with electronics since you had to not pick up the phone, or the Internet would quit working. I have always tinkered with my electronics amazed at how they work. To this day I work on learning Android OS software and how it works. I am always looking for this newest technology and act like a kid on Christmas morning when something new I've wanted comes out. I know I will deliver an enthusiasm to my working environment because those feelings come from a very real place. I've had jobs where you work alone, work with a team and jobs selling things to others. I feel if your work is something you truly love it will show in your performance and your attitude, and I LOVE electronics.


Brandon Hay (Jimmy John's Manager)

He was my manager while I delivered at Jimmy John's and worked with me regularly. (817) 727-2292

Alex Killen (Server/Brewer at Revovler Brewery)

Managed me during my time at Revolver Brewery (817) 721-6981